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I don't know why, but after a few uses, my brush gets a weird grayish residue (mold?!) that grosses me out. This product is always so highly recommended that I've purchased a few of them, but the mystery gray stuff always appears, which makes me throw it out.

I keep one of these in my desk drawer and one in my travel bag because I always seem to get split nails or torn cuticles at the most inopportune times (and ripping hangnails off when you're on vacation is never a good idea).

After using the Shu Uemura lash curler for over a decade, I switched to this Tweezerman lash curler because I love the rose gold color. It works just as well as Shu Uemura, but is less expensive.

After months of lash extensions, my lashes needed serious rehab (some had broken off, fallen out). The only problem was that most lash growth serums irritated my eyes, making my eyelids puffy and my eyes red. This was the only one that didn't cause any irritation and really worked! I love that it has a mascara-like wand applicator, which makes it much easier to apply than the other brush-on formulas. It's also more of a gel than a liquid, so there's less worry that it will drip into your eyes.

This styling spray/hairspray is awesome if you want volume. Just lift your hair at the roots and spray and this will hold that hair up for the rest of the night (it reminds me of spray-on glue--you don't even need to tease your hair first). You have to practice a little with this product though, or you'll get too much volume. I like to use this when I want lift at my crown for updos or ponytails.

The first eyes, lips, and cheeks multi-purpose makeup on the market, Convertible Color is truly a ground-breaker. It's easy to use because it's super blendable. I still love the Rose shade on my cheeks and the compact is great for carrying around in your purse because it's slim and the mirror never gets dusty (like powder compacts).

I know my face is protected when I use this sunscreen because I can literally see where I'm applying it (the white cast is that noticeable). So I always layer this with Perricone No Foundation Foundation on top to blend my complexion into a more natural-looking skin tone.

This felt heavy on my face (like my skin couldn't breathe--the exact opposite of what the product says it's supposed to do) and gave my skin a weird pinkish cast. This is meant to be a good primer for makeup, but I found it too sticky to apply makeup on top.

This top coat truly does what it says and dries fast. The only problem is that if you wait in between coats, it can get a little sticky and not go on smoothly. Also, this top coat tends to dry out quickly in the bottle, so make sure the cap is screwed on tight!

Fantastic color range, Grunge and Cherry Love are my absolute favorites. Grunge is a super cool opaque beige with a cool gray/lavender undertone--it literally launched the whole griege nail polish trend that we've seen over the past couple of years (Grunge came out first)!

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