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A foaming face wash that smells great and helps to gently exfoliate (the enzymes help break the bonds of dead skin cells, so they're loosened from your face and more easily washed away). It leaves my complexion brighter and smoother and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I think the enzymes are more gentle than exfoliating scrubs.

A fantastic everyday sunscreen if you have oilier skin, I used this one for years (before my skin type turned more combination/less oily). It's chemical based, not physical, so doesn't leave much of a white cast on your skin. Highly recommend!

I actually used this product on my upper arms to help tone the skin there and it worked like a charm. It's a lovely gel texture that soaks in quickly. I just wish it were more affordably priced!

I use this every time I blowdry my hair to make sure it's smooth and sleek. It's a gel, but isn't sticky or crunchy like a typical gel formula. I actually mix a pea-size amount with my mousse which I apply to my root area. Then I emulsify another pea-size dollop between my palms and rub that on the lengths of my hair, from the mid-shaft to the ends. It really helps prevent flyaways and makes my ends look more polished when I style my hair.

Not sticky at all, this mousse is great blowdry prep--it helps prevent frizzies at my hairline and gives me a little lift and extra body. I love that it's not crunchy and melts right into my damp hair--so it's easy to brush and style my hair when I'm blowdrying.

I think I'm on my 3rd or 4th re-purchase of Nars lipstick in Gipsy. I love that plum shade--looks very natural and pretty (like my lips but slightly darker), but I hate that the plastic lipstick container always cracks (where it says NARS) after a while. I've also noticed that sometimes the shade is inconsistent--sometimes more plummy, sometimes more brown--so I always have to try out the tester to see if the current "batch" is my beloved shade.

This is my go-to mineral foundation. I love that it comes in a pressed powder compact, but goes on just as sheer (with buildable coverage) as loose powder mineral makeup. I find that the pressed powder is easier to use and much less messy (especially if you're traveling). I just wish that they had more shades!

This smells delicious and is a must if you use the Clarins Cleansing Milk (my face doesn't feel clean unless I use both steps). But I find that it's a hassle to have to use a cleansing milk and toning lotion every night to wash my face, so I would skip the Cleansing Milk and just use this with any foaming face wash as a step if I really want to make sure my face is clean but not stripped. Unlike other toners, this one won't make your face feel dry or tight afterwards.

I love the way this cleanser smells, but I don't like the technique you have to use to get it to work properly--rub between palms, then pat your palms on your face with a cupping motion to remove makeup. I never really feel like my face really gets clean. Personally, I prefer a face wash that foams.

Chanel Rouge Allure in Passion has been my go-to red lipstick for the past 4 years. I like that I can apply it sheer or layer it on for a more intense red lip look. It's creamy and doesn't dry out my lips and the color is a perfect true red on me (most lipsticks that look red in the tube end up going pink on my lips).

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