Eudermine Revitalizing Essence


Angel M.
Perfect for Oily skin types

I use this product mostly in the summer as my face moisturizer it give unbelievable moisture in a watery form. Just a drop of this liquid is enough hydration to last throughout my day. I would also recommend it as a toner for people with extremely dry skin. There is a reason this product has been around for over 100's amazing...even if you don't buy it, pop into your local shiseido and try it!

Ning C.

I actually use this product to get rid of flakes on my lips. It's a trick I learned from Hilary Swank's makeup artist years ago--just put some Eudermine on a cotton pad and swipe your lips. The flakes magically come off and you don't have to rub. Lip scrubs often end up tearing my lips and irritating them, which makes the situation worse. This also leaves my lips with a slight rosy tint--not sure why because the essence in the bottle is actually clear (it's just the bottle that's red). Eudermine is expensive, but a bottle lasts for years, so I think it's worth the investment. It's really the perfect prep for lips.