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Hands down the best hairspray ever. A must-have in any hairstylist's kit. The mist is so fine that you never get droplets and the hold is strong, but you can brush it out without any white flaking. I took off half a star because I hate the smell--it's very old lady and strong (if I use it in the morning, I can still smell it all day long).

I love this pencil. It gives me a quick smoky eye (the smudging rubber tip on one end is genius and slightly tapered so you can wing out your liner if you want) and stays put (not much smearing once you put it on).

Really smoothes out my frazzled split ends (I like to apply this the second day of my blowout to dry hair), but don't use too much or your hair starts to feel a little stiff and hard.

Super creamy and great for the inner rims (especially the upper inner rim, which is notoriously difficult to line--I like to fill in and darken the roots of my lashes to define my eyes and make my lashes look fuller). But after 5 hours, this started to smudge on me. My lids tend to be oily and eye makeup tends to smudge easily, but even though I set this with MAC Carbon shadow on top, it still gave me too much smokiness, if you know what I mean. Didn't last 24/7 on me.

Love this thermal formula--it really stays on! Mascara ALWAYS smudges on me, but this one didn't budge. And the tiny brush is genius for getting to the roots of lashes (top AND bottom).

I love the packaging and the shade range, but this lipstick really dries out my lips. I don't like the look of lipstick on top of lip balm on me (too messy), so I can't really use this in the dry wintertime when my lips tend to chap and peel.

Genius product. I love putting it just on my nail tips for a deconstructed French look. The only problem is that you have to really seal it with a top coat or else it peels off.

This eye cream is expensive, but the jar is big so it lasts a long time. I have some fine "smile" lines below my eyes and the first time I tried this eye cream, I applied it at night. When I woke up and looked in the mirror, the lines were gone! Amazing. Of course, if I don't continue to use the cream, the lines come back.

This is too strong for me to use as a daily toner (I have sensitive/combination skin), but I keep a bottle in my medicine cabinet to clean out popped pimples.

For a very gentle buffing, I like to mix this powder with a gel face cleanser. It practically melts/dissolves into the cleanser creating an exfoliating foam that brightens my complexion and deep cleans without irritating.

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