Johnson & Johnson

Baby Shampoo


Kenna  S.
Great for brushes and wipes!

I make my own brush cleanser, but sometimes I'm just lazy. A little but if this and BAM! Clean brushes! Also, if you make your own makeup wipes, which you can do, great and gentle for those to! When you don't want to heavily wash your hair, use this! Xoxo~ Kenna 💕💎

Julianne J.
Awesome for makeup brushes!

I was having a small dilemna cleaning brushes (aside from the fact I need to clean them more, instead of always spot cleaning, I know I'm lazy). I used to use hand soap and that seemed to do the trick, yet I always feared it would be too harsh on my brushes. (And I can't remember if it started to leave build-up, esp. in my thicker bundled brushes). I used leftover shampoo that I wasn't using, and that seemed to work (might go back to that from time to time) but was seduced into using some Dr. Bronner's to deep clean. I love D.B.- I use it as a bodywash, and for that its great- super gentle, smells great, no residue. However, on brushes its a whole other thing. Castille soap does leave a little residue- and it got caught mainly in my thick kabuki style elf powder brush and sonia kashuk blusher brush. As much as I tried to deep clean- I still had gunky white residue! eww. As soon as I stumbled upon this page recently, I ran out and got a mini bottle of this, which was a good idea, seeing as how you don't need that much to deep clean. I have one brush that's been a little stubborn, so I can't say this is a perfect method, but it beats D.B. gunking my brushes up! Plus, its so sentimental- bringing up memories of bath time playing with your bath toys! XD

Chrissy S.

I love the smell of this, and it's great to use on my makeup brushes because it's gentle and deep-cleans! I also like to use it once a week in my hair while showering because it takes out all the buildup of mousses, creams, gels, and other kinds of hair products. It makes a fresh canvas to work on all over again!

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Ellen marley Y.

First i love the small bottles that you can buy. It smells so fresh and light. I use this on my brushes and it is a gentle formula that softly clenses my brushes without damaging or drying them out.

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Lisa U.
Great brush shampoo!

I love this shampoo, it smells so clean and is so gentle it leaves my make up brushes really soft. I've tried a few brush shampoos and have always come back to Johnson's Baby Shampoo.

Cassandra Y.

really good fo taking makeup/ stage makeup off most faces, and mine as well, and just seeing other reviews a good brush cleaner too, Though very good for that and it's intentional use as well.

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Xuan N.
great as a brush cleaner

i love the smell, but seeing as how it's made for infants, it's not strong enough to take on my hair. SO! i decided to try it on my make up brushes and face scrubber/bristle head. cleanses gently and it's cheap.

Michelle D.

i love this baby shampoo so much. I personally even think that this shampoo is better than my MAC brush cleanser. It does a really good job, and much more cheaper than any brush cleanser i've ever had

Kim S.

I use this to clean my makeup brushes but I DO NOT use this on my babies! johnson & johnson products are hazardous for you and why on earth would they make this for babies and kids?! BEATS ME but I use organic products for my son. I use this for brushes and to wash my dogs faces because it's tearless and how else do you clean their faces LOL

Westi A.
Perfect Brush Cleaner

Love this to clean my foundation brushes. Some brush cleaners don't seem to get the foundation out but this shampoo does and leaves my brushes soft and shiny. I also use it on my two year old to get her hair squeaky clean.