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Super gentle cleanser that actually removes makeup!

Last year, I did an allergy skin test and found that my skin is sensitive to fragrance. My college roommate has been using the Purpose cleansing bar for DECADES and her skin is always flawless, but it dried out my skin too much. This fragrance-free liquid cleanser is the answer for me. It's super gentle, but unlike some other skin-friendly washes (ahem, Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser), I like that this one actually foams. Also, I don't feel like I need to follow up with another cleanser to really remove my daily makeup/sunscreen remnants.

This lightweight serum has been amazing for helping fade my pesky brown spots (sun damage from growing up in Los Angeles and not wearing sunscreen every day--sigh). I like how I can layer it directly under my sunscreen in the morning. It's hydrating enough that I don't need an extra day moisturizer (I do seal it in with a cream at night) but won't make my face greasy. And it's not irritating at all. Some other sun damage remedies made my face red, peel, or sensitive, but I didn't get any bad reactions from this serum. It just made my face brighter.

Most days, I will use this silky product as a substitute for foundation or face makeup. I put it on top of my sunscreen and the subtle tint mellows out the white cast from my sunscreen and camouflages any slight skin imperfections (large pores are just the beginning, it also hides my brown spots and redness). Then I dust on a little powder blush on top (I find that cream formulas tend to pill off when layered on top of Pores no more) and I'm ready to go!

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