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Kiehl's Lip Balm #1


Miriam H.

I love how this product heals my dry and chapped lips especially in a cold weather! And yes, you only have to apply a tiny amount to cover up your lips. Talk about being economical!

Brandi H.
Great for dry sore lips

This stuff is the best! It works great and heals even the driest lips. I used this one winter and never had softer lips in such cold harsh weather.

Tea W.
Shine and moisture make this lip balm one of the best.

Mango + Cranberry Kiehl's lip balm are two of my go-to favs. I love that they provide SPF protection, moisturize and add high gloss on days when I want an au natural, dewy look. The fresh fragrances are a major bonus too. The original #1 is available unscented. For the sake of the price (around 7 bucks), it's best to keep close tabs on these tubes.

Ning C.

A great basic lip balm that I also like to use to smooth my brows and add shine to curled lashes (makes them look glossy and helps hold the curl--a very natural, pretty look).

Emma B.
My favourite!

I've been using this one for quite a long time now, and I must admit I CANT GO ANYWHERE WITH OUT IT!. I always keep it on my in case of dried, chapped lips. it's great in the summer, but definitely my favourite in winter-time. After 'scrubbing' my lips with a (wet)towel I like to apply it, and let it sit overnight, when I weak up i have the most gorgeous lips ever. The only small thing i dont like about it, is that it's pretty hard to get the exactly amount out if it, but you really look behind that when you see the wonders it does.

Sabrina D.

Like Ning said, it's a great basic lip balm but I feel like it's very much like vasaline :P but other than that, you need the tiniest amount and it would cover your whole lips and i really do love it(: it gives you a nice natural gloss (:

Nadia N.

I have this in the red color but I need a whole lot of product to see any difference in my lips. I have really dry lips and it gets foggy and cold so they crack. Then its been hot recently and they have been dry and still I need to use it a couple times a day just to see any bit of effect!

Abbie  N.
choose to indulge

Unfortunately I lost my original tube on a night out not long after I purchased it, which was a shame as its expensive for something that is basially Vaseline. It did a great job at protecting my lips from the wintery weather, but its definitely a indulgence product, I brought it only on the basis that I wanted to use this brand not because its better than any other.

Julie A.

I own three tubes of this (Vanilla, Coconut and the Original) and while I do love them, its really just an expensive branded version of Aquaphor. They are both great at moisturizing the lips and Kiehls does contain spf so thats nice..but in the end its just vasaline. Like Ning said, I also use it on my brows to keep them in place. If you want to spend the extra $$ I suggest this, if not head to CVS for some Aquaphor!