Beauty Bar


Fifi D.
Not The Best Soap Ever But Pretty Good

No, I don't use this soap on the daily. I'm not a bar soap person, and I love Dove's liquid body wash more, but this soap is amazing. My issue with many bar soaps is the fact that they are drying and leave your skin icky feeling. Dove is the opposite. It cleans your skin well, and while there is little to no scent it gets rid of any BO you may have, and leaves it soft and residue free. Definitely something I would keep on hand or in the guest bathroom.

Elizabeth P.

I'm not in love with the scene afterwards but I am jn live with how it does not leave your skin dry and crummy. it leaves ur skin smooth for the Most party and maybe a little bit weird smelling.

Lyndsie  T.

First I think bars of soap are weird but have used before afforadle long lasting really getting enough on rag I feel im so seneative this almost strips my skin and dries me out smell really sticks and if used while shaving soap ewww scum builds up in razor this is not bad but other options may be used to my skin

Keli J.
Best soap EVER MADE!!!

I've been using dove since i was a kid.. and I've never had any issues.. It's very gentle and has always kept my skin super soft and the light scent leaves you smelling super fresh..

As a makeup artist it's a must to keep your face clean and clear from any blemishes, so i use dove soap on my face DAILY!! I mean I've had acne as a teen, so every now and then i'll have a breakout and every time i wash with dove my pimples clear up pretty quick.. HIGHLY SUGGESTED FOR THOSE OF YOU WITH SENSITIVE SKIN!!!!

Kirin S.
Works miracles!

This product is amazing. I swear it's magic. This product deeply cleanses the skin and gets rid of dirt, sweat, and bacteria build-up. After I used this for the first time, I instantly saw great results. My skin was visibly smoother and more youthful looking, and felt smooth also. Moisturizes deeply, and also has the subtle scent of cucumber to it, which is a really nice touch. It's not too pricey either... I picked up a bar for only one dollar at my local store. I strongly recommend this.

Kirin S.
INCREDIBLE... No need to use concealer or foundation ever again!

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH! It's so simple and affordable, and it works AMAZING. I will never need to use a concealer or foundation EVER again! Even after the very first wash, my skin is smooth, clear (cleared up my breakouts so fast) radiant, glowing, silky, moisturized and best of all, FREE OF REDNESS! I used to have terrible redness but not anymore. Would give this ten stars if I could. Will NEVER use any other soap again. This is the one! I HIGHLY recommend this. Works well with all skin types and the results are fast and so incredible! Dove, I love you!

Morgan B.
Perfect for sensitive skin

Once I hit my 20s, my skin below my neck became strangely sensitive. The body washes I used before were extremely irritating to my skin, resulting in itchiness and redness. I began using the dove sensitive skin bar on the suggestion of my father, whose skin was even drier and more sensitive than mine. He had been using it for 10+ years, and after using it myself I can see why. It's very moisturizing (it's solely responsible for turning my dry, cracked elbows into normal skin) and doesn't irritate my skin at all. It only smells fresh and clean, without any added irritating fragrance. I'll definitely keep using it.

Bessie A.
I've used this forever!

I grew up with really bad Eczema and this is the soap that my dermatologist told my parents to use. I grew up always knowing that the white dove bar was just the soap I was supposed to use. Didn't really understand why until I used a different soap and it left my skin feeling weirdly tight and very dry. I like the smell and I like how moisturizing it is. I have tried the other scents, and I love those too! I'll probably use Dove soap until the day I die.

Whitney A.

It baffles me why people waste their money on expensive facial cleansers when Dove is the best soap available on the markets. It's dirt cheap and cleanses like no other.

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Kelly K.
Beauty Basic

I have been using Dove soap on my face forever! I have tried other brands both drugstore and department store. I always come right back to Dove again and again. This is definitely a beauty basic for me (and a staple) in my everyday routine. Love it!