Beauty Product Reviews

Lives up to all the hype

I never expected this palette to live up to all the great reviews I've read on Beautylish but after finally checking it out for myself, it's become my #1 eye makeup staple. The shadows are all very blendable and look even more neutral and natural on my eyes than they do in the palette.

Beautiful sheer lip tint

Just when I thought the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments couldn't get any better (I loved Rose and Plum), they came out with Passion. I must say that this is my hands down favorite shade in the range. It's a bright berry red color that's very flattering and long-lasting. I thought the red would be too intense, but it blends very nicely with my natural lip color.

The best top coat I've ever used

This top coat changed my life. I’ve always like doing manicures myself (I’m too impatient to go to the nail salon and wait for the polish to dry) and this top coat makes my work look professional. It dries super fast (I discovered it when I was interviewing the CND manicurists backstage at fashion week and discovered that they always use Air Dry top coat so that models can put on shoes immediately without smudging their pedicures) and very very shiny (your nails look glossy and wet even though they’re dry). People are always asking me if I’m wearing gel polish, but it’s really the CND Air Dry.

Highly pigmented lipstick in beautiful shades

There are so many gorgeous shades in this collection but I'm partial to the pinks (Spellbound), reds (Hot), and burgundies (Tempt). If you're looking for a sheer, glossy type lipstick, this isn't for you. It's a cream formula that looks very very expensive, with no shimmer or super shine. This lipstick is long-lasting and you can easily blot it down to look more matte or like a stain. If I apply it in the morning, there's still some residual color in the afternoon (even after lunch!) I also find that this formula is far less drying than a typical high pigment lipstick.

My favorite body bronzer/graduat self-tanner

I tried the Selftantalizer last weekend and it's my new favorite body bronzer. It makes skin look amazing--turned my pale veiny legs into supermodel legs! The gradual self-tanner is very natural looking too and there's no gross metallic smell. The mitt makes application so easy and didn't leave me with dark palms (sometimes a problem for me with self-tanner).

I use this in Brit Wit every single day. It gives me a subtle, healthy looking glow that's very natural. Now, if I don't wear it, I feel washed out. I like that it's a cream formula, but doesn't look too oily/shiny. I apply with my fingers because I think it's easiest to blend that way.

An excellent conditioner for normal to dry hair, this formula doesn't weight down my fine/thinning hair. I love the smell which lingers in my hair, even a day or two after I wash it!

This smells just like Ivory soap to me, which I love. It's a very clean and fresh scent and I like wearing it on the weekends or spritzing it in my bathroom as a room spray.

I love the La Douce shade (looks like a pretty deep bronzey black on my eye, even though it looks greenish in the pan) and it's better now that it's in this aluminum pan--the old cardboard packaging would always fall apart when it got wet!

The Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner changed my life. I was someone who washed my hair every night but found that as I got older (and colored and heat styled my hair more), my hair would just get drier and drier. This is perfect for those days when you want to shower (let's say you've worked out) but you're in a rush--it's much much better than a shampoo/conditioner 2-in-1. You can use it from roots to ends and it even kinda foams--not big bubbles, but there's definitely a little lather. My hair is much shinier and healthier thanks to this product.

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