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Great for giving texture, body, and volume to a day-old (or even older!) blowout, but a word of warning: this powder sprays on in a beige color. It's great if you're a blonde (a friend of mine even uses it to temporarily camouflage her dark roots when she hasn't had time for a color touch-up), but if you have dark hair like mine, you have to be really careful and massage it into your scalp after you spray it and brush brush brush it until you can't see the beige anymore. Also, it's better if you hold the can at least six inches away from your scalp, otherwise you'll end up with a clump of beige dry shampoo that's impossible to brush out.

This is a great everyday face wash if you have sensitive skin. On days that I've applied major sunscreen or makeup I feel like I need to use an oil-based pre-cleanser (like Shu Uemura Brightening Oil Cleanser), but this is a good general face wash that doesn't irritate. It leaves my skin soft and smooth but not overstripped.

I use this supersoft kabuki brush to buff my foundation around my jawline and hairline, so it's perfectly blended. I like that the hairs are shorter than a typical kabuki brush, so the brush feels firmer (but not scratchy because the bristles are so soft). That way you can get more of a buffing (instead of brushing) effect.

This is the only liquid liner I've ever been able to use. The slim pen-like applicator is super easy to use and the formula is really smudge-proof! You can get a really precise line (and I have shaky hands). I like to use it to fill in between my upper lashes (on the lash line) to make my lashes look thicker and fuller. Love that it's also making them grow too!

A fantastic, natural-looking mineral foundation that's great for sensitive skin types. My only gripe is with the sponge-applicator--it's supposed to be antibacterial, but I'd still like to be able to wash it. I wish this came in a pump dispenser instead.

I use this pretty much every day under my sunscreen. It helps to balance out my complexion and even out my skin tone, but doesn't over-moisturize (so my sunscreen and foundation won't slide off afterward or look greasy).

I LOVE this cream (and my cats do too). Taking off a half point because it smells fishy to me (I think that's why it attracts my cats' sniffing at night), but if I put it on at night, it makes my skin so so soft by the morning. It's also not greasy at all and I tend to get little bumps on my skin if a moisturizer is too heavy. No issues with Cold Plasma!

This shade is slightly dark for my complexion, but it's perfect when I blend it over a sunscreen that leaves a white cast on my skin (like physical sunblocks that I like to use because they're less irritating to my sensitive skin). The only problem is that it does tend to get greasy when layered over the sunscreen, so I have to use blotting papers in the T-zone after I first apply it, but then I'm good to go for the rest of the day.

This really didn't really work for me. They demo it on flat surfaces (like your arm), but it's useless across bony areas (like your knees and shins). No help at all!

If you're prone to breakouts, this face wash is fantastic. It helps kill the bacteria that causes pimples, but doesn't overdry or irritate your skin. It helped clear up my complexion and left it super soft.

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