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Best yet.

I purchased this at Nordstrom about a month ago for $70. Yes, hefty price tag for just a simple concealer stick. I was blown away by the effortless glide it had on my skin and the incredible coverage and staying power. I was very excited to try this. With that type of price tag, you expect the product to be amazing, and it was. I am highly impressed with this concealer. I am in the shade Ocre/Ocher. Definitely recommend.

Too much alcohol content.

Children shampoos are horrible for adult hair. The alcohol content is very high which makes the shampoo very drying. It smells great, but not worth the damage it can cause over time.

I REALLY like this product

I use this to highlight my brow bones and inner eye corner. It leaves a gorgeous, natural looking sheen. My only complaint is I wish it lasted longer. It wears off pretty quickly. I would repurchase this.

Absolutely the worst concealer I have ever had the displeasure of using. I bought this for $24 at Sephora and returned it two days later. It leaves a "wet" look behind and looks bizarre. Offered very mediocre coverage. For $24, I couldn't justify keeping this product. Makeup is personal, to each their own, but this was not my cup of tea.

Christmas gift

I received this from my boyfriend as a Christmas present. Honestly, I love the bottle more than the actual scent inside. It's a wonderful perfume, but It's not something I would buy on my own. I have worn it several times since Christmas and It really does nothing for me. It looks pretty on my vanity, though, and that's where it will stay and look pretty.


I cannot rave enough about how much I love this concealer! Absolutely amazing coverage that lasts all day. Definitely the best concealer I have ever used. My only complaint is the pump. The pump delivers way too much product and it ends up being wasted. Since this concealer is so concentrated, you don't need a lot of it.

I was mad when my boyfriend surprised me with this because I knew it was $50. I can't see spending $50 on a lip gloss. I honestly feel Lip Venom works just as good if not better than this one. I didn't notice anything amazing to justify the price. It didn't knock my socks off.

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Not a fan

I'm not a fan of Tarte products, but I thought I'd give this a shot because I'm always on the hunt for "the great" concealer. This one was a real miss for me. I felt it was too thick and very difficult to squeeze out of the tube. It's not the worst I've ever used, but I've definitely used better. Wouldn't recommend or repurchase.

Beyond amazing!

One of my top 5 perfumes. Absolutely amazing, unique scent that lasts for hours! I own all of the Lavanila scents, but the Vanilla Grapefruit sticks out as my favorite. I will always repurchase. I wish they had a candle with this scent. (hint hint, LAVANILA) :)


Gosh, I can't remember how many years I've been using this conditioner. I use it every single day after shampooing. I blot my hair with a hand towel I keep by my shower, then put my hair up in a claw and let it sit for a few minutes while I wash my body and face. I rinse it very last, that way it has time to penetrate my hair shaft. You will truly notice a difference in your hair if you blot excess water out with a thick hand towel, just hang it up on your shower rod.

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