Bright Crystal


Mizz Mea M.
OMG heaven in a bottle

OMG this smells so good like heaven in a bottle. I'm not really one for spray perfume. I'm more of a oil type of perfume person, I received this with my points with an order and I mainly chose it because of its floral notes not expecting to like it as much as I do, but this smell has my attention. This fragrance is so clean and fresh. I will be ordering a regular size of this with my next purchase.

Ariana G.

The first time I smelt this I knew it was the one for me. It's professional, feminine, and it's how I imagine a sophisticated woman would smell. It can easily translate for any age, any style. My signature perfume, combines nicely with the Downy Unsolluables in Fresh.

Stephanie M.
Christmas gift

I received this from my boyfriend as a Christmas present. Honestly, I love the bottle more than the actual scent inside. It's a wonderful perfume, but It's not something I would buy on my own. I have worn it several times since Christmas and It really does nothing for me. It looks pretty on my vanity, though, and that's where it will stay and look pretty.

Theresa G.
Smells good

Smells good but I can't wear this everyday. I'm sensitive to perfumes so this is one that if applied to much I will get a migraine. Very girlie smell. More like a everyday perfume.

Italia D.

I love this perfume!! i bought it for my birthday last year and it's been a favorite ever since. i love how it's sweet and girly without being overpowering. i use this as a going out fragrance as it has really good staying power on me.

Em W.
Didn't think I would, but I really like it!

This was given to me by a friend who didn't like it. I wasn't sure if I would. It's kind of strong and I normally don't wear a lot of floral scents. However, I decided to wear it one day to church and I got so many compliments. I guess it really works well with my body chemistry. =)