Maracuja Waterproof Creaseless Concealer


Hannah B.
Cakes but effective

If you don't smooth this concealer very well then it will cake up. This formula if very tacky and sticks oddly to the stick if you don't blend it well. Once it blends it is perfect coverage and is easily blended with foundation. I like using it for big events. Not ideal for daily use.

Kirsty C.

Love it! It's like a gentle putty for all if those fine lines. Make sure you blend well. I find it works best if you add it after tinted moisturizer (I don't use foundation).

Morgan B.
difficult to work with

First things first. It's very difficult to get this out of the tube. I had to squeeze and squeeze until it all came out at once and I had way too much. It's very thick and hard to spread, even after warming it with my fingers. I know it's a full coverage concealer, but this stuff is way too thick. The light shade was too light for my ultra pale skin and the concealer pilled under my eyes. The only saving grace is that it's good for covering pimples if your shade's not too light.

Joanna S.
Pretty good, nothing special

A decent concealer. Blends well, but looks slightly orangey by the end of the day. Nothing terrible. Doesn't crease much, which is nice for me, since I have oily skin. Definitely helps with under-eye bags, but I wouldn't recommend it for covering red/dark sports.

Nadia N.

I wanted a good concealer for my skin and so I tried this because there was a FF sale on tarte and I was disappointed! It was so pink in the fair and the light pinkish too! I wanted something more neutral. The consistency was WAY too thick for my combo/oily skin and hard to get out of the tube. Then I read made in china which was like what?? When they pride themselves as being a made in the USA and all natural brand. Definitely disappointed with you Tarte!

Alli Rose G.
Good for the face, not under the eyes.

I bought this with the new kit that has the Smooth Operator Powder and the Maracuja Oil. This concealer was a good match for me. I have quite fair skin. I would say this is more medium coverage concealer. It conceals my blemishes and broken capillaries well over foundation. It doesn't work for underneath my eyes at all. I have genetic blue vein dark circles. This seems like it makes the dark circles shine instead of covering them up. I still prefer my OCC Concealer.

Stephanie M.
Not a fan

I'm not a fan of Tarte products, but I thought I'd give this a shot because I'm always on the hunt for "the great" concealer. This one was a real miss for me. I felt it was too thick and very difficult to squeeze out of the tube. It's not the worst I've ever used, but I've definitely used better. Wouldn't recommend or repurchase.

Laura M.

I am a fan of full coverage concealer don't get me wrong, but this concealer is beyond thick! I was so excited when I found out Tarte was releasing this new product to their line and I'm always looking for new foundations and concealers to buy. Unfortunately this concealer was a huge miss for me :( The concealer was so hard to even squeeze out of the tube, it really took some effort to squeeze some onto my hand. I took a fluffy blending brush and applied the product to my undereye area and it was just too much no matter how little product I applied. I wouldn't recommend using it under the eye area, maybe just using it on problem areas on the face such as scarring or blemishes.

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Morgan W.

I love Tarte products, and this has been my staple concealer for about a year now. I use it for blemishes, under eyes, and for sculpting sometimes underneath my cheek contour. It blends easily, and the consistency is thick. The only thing I suggest is using a bit of setting powder for underneath the eyes, I have had some creasing occur here.

Courtney B.

I was given this product by a friend who had purchased it in a kit that was too dark for her. I had never used a concealer before, so I just chucked it in my kit and it sat there for a while until I decided to play around with it. This concealer is one of the best things I have ever used. I have dark circles under my eyes (they're hereditary, and they aren't bad at all, but I notice them) and I'll have an occasional blemish that can leave some residual hyper-pigmentation for quite a while. I can use the tiniest drop-- about the same amount I would use with an OCC Lip Tar, for reference-- and everything I want to be covered will be gone. EVERYTHING. Also, it's not in a "hey, look over here at this girl with concealer ALL OVER HER FACE" type of way, but a blended, naturally covered situation. I was floored at how well this works. It matches my skin tone perfectly, and I can even use it all over my face by mixing a bit in with some moisturizer. I don't wear foundation, so this provides perfect there-but-not-too-much coverage if my skin is deciding to have a moment. I'll still look like myself, freckles and all, just my skin looks perfect. I can't say anything bad about this product. I don't use it every day, but when I do, I feel that I look my best. And I think that's what makeup should do.

Pros: Amazing coverage Multi-tasking A little goes a LONG way Great color match

Cons: None!