Bright Crystal


Mizz Mea M.
OMG heaven in a bottle

OMG this smells so good like heaven in a bottle. I'm not really one for spray perfume. I'm more of a oil type of perfume person, I received this with my points with an order and I mainly chose it because of its floral notes not expecting to like it as much as I do, but this smell has my attention. This fragrance is so clean and fresh. I will be ordering a regular size of this with my next purchase.

Mya Z.

My mother has this perfume, and in all honesty it smells like something my grandmother would wear. The bottle is absolutely gorgeous but I see this scent as something for the older ladies. The scent isn't absolutely terrible but I can almost hear my grandma talking to me when I smell this

Mary L.

My friend has this perfume and I really don't like it, this is just personal reference,I'm not trying to offend anyone that like it. I just think this scent is really weird and odd.

Ariana G.

The first time I smelt this I knew it was the one for me. It's professional, feminine, and it's how I imagine a sophisticated woman would smell. It can easily translate for any age, any style. My signature perfume, combines nicely with the Downy Unsolluables in Fresh.

Linda S.

I'm not a big perfume wearer but I love Bright Crystal, its the only perfume I wear. The scent is so clean and soft not over bearing. I get complements on it every time I wear it. Haven't found any other perfume I would replace it with, I love it!

Alisia G.

Fun and flirty scent. Use it in everyday occasions just going out and about. Fragrance does need touch ups on the go and blends well when using a nice floral hand cream to bring out it's floral tones! Give it a try!

Nathalie  F.
Femininity in a bottle

This Versace fragrance is the epitome of femininity. Based on the packaging alone this fragrance should be given five stars as this bottle would look beautiful on any woman's vanity. The scent is a perfect blend of the freshness of the pomegranate with a touch of a floral note. Making this scent perfect for any event that one might be going to as it will not be overwhelming to anyones nose. Classy enough to be dressed up but subtle enough to become someone's every day signature fragrance. The only Con I have found to this Versace scent is the staying power. Of course this will be very different for everyone based on their body chemistry but I myself found the need to carry a travalo (atomizer) with me for touch up purposes making that the reason why I only gave it Four stars.

a very faint scent! very light and watery, fruity-floral with a little tang, I think thats the peony. the yuzu and frost are in front of the line right on application and dissipates quickly. very inoffensive and vaguely pleasant. fresh, attractive, harmless. the bottle is incredibly tempting.

Kristiana A.
Photo of product included with review by Kristiana A.

Love this spray so much. Got it as a present from father and it is great. Sweet and fresh. Use it every day in morning. Reccomend for all women.

Raven N.
Super fresh and light

This is one of my favorite perfumes. It is such a refreshing scent. It is definitely not an older woman floral scent. Very youthful, clean, and sweet smelling, while not being overpowering. Very good for the spring and summer.