3 Minute miracle


Emily  M.
favorite conditioner!

such an amazing deep conditioner! not many products work with my thick, dry, curly hair, but this did the trick! makes my hair so soft and smooth, also smells wonderful. recommend to any hair types out there!

Caitlyn J.

By far the best conditioner I have ever used. I leave it in my hair for 15-20 minutes, then I rinse it out and it makes my hair so soft and shiny

Zoah O.
Works uhm... alright I guess

To be honest I really liked it at first but then it started making my fizzy hair worse because it has wax in it and if you have frizzy hair it'll make it worse than it was before I don't recommend it!

Savannah D.
The Ratchet Be Gone Should Be The Name Of This.

I LOVE this stuff. It smells SO good and adds a million times more moisture to your hair. I swear whatever ratchetness you have going on, it'll fix it!

Sierra B.
Smells yummy and works so well!

This deep conditioner works so well! I love it! It smells great, (like coconuts) smoothes frizz, and moisturizes your hair so well. I reach for this over my CHI deep conditioner.

Morgan B.
Good for long hair

My hair is extremely short now, but before I cut it, I loved using this once a week. My hair is normally oily, but when long the midlengths and ends can dry out and be brittle, and this stuff(specifically the one labeled strong, there's at least one other labeled moist that I haven't used) brings it right back to normalcy.

Claudia H.
Super soft

I love this product! I have long thick hair! I have dry and damage hair also! I use this product it did wonders for my hair! I didn't have tangles when I brushed after I was really surprised!

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Madison H.

After I used this product my hair instantly felt softer and smoother! My hair became less frizzy and more manageable! It made it not necessary to straighten my hair the more often you use it the better it works

Tyger M.

This deep conditioner is great for thick curly hair! It really moisturizes! It really is a 3 minute miracle! Also, the smell is so good. It smells like coconuts and it's really refreshing.

Emma K.

so thick and moisturizing! the price is great too! the 3 minute strong conditioner is in a tube like this and its just as thick if not thicker. overall, greats daily conditioner. leave on overnight in a shower cap for a cheap deep conditioner