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Watt's Up! Champagne Cream Highlighter

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Lisa J.
Gives you 'that' glow

Let me just say I'm IN LOVE with this highlighter! I put it everywhere, cheeks (under powder blush) brow bone, corners of eyes, and all over for a great, natural glow.

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Tanya H.

I love this product. Although i have to say... BE CAREFUL. Over applying this product is easy. I prefer using this as a cream shadow and occasionally as a highlighter. Great quality and worth the money for sure.

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Bella I.
Best highlighter ever

I have the mini size (which lasts forever!) and plan to get the full size when it runs out! It gives a beautiful pearly shine


A must have product!

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Noli M.
This is a must.

Benefit "Watts Up!" is probably the most natural-looking, universal highlighter on the market. You can use it just for you cheek and brow bones, or even for full-blown contouring. Note, it works better on fairer skin tones than darker complexions.

Jacqlyn W.
Good highlight, decent color.
Photo of product included with review by Jacqlyn W.

This is one of the first Benefit products I have used. I got this in last years birthday gift from Sephora, along with a Benefit mascara. Both were travel/trial sizes. Benefit Watt's Up! has a very creamy consistency but dries on very sheen looking. It's not matte nor dewy when it's dried which I liked. It comes in a tube that you turn to make the product come up, just like a lipstick tube. It doesn't have a smell at all. I have the need to say that because a lot of people are thrown off by makeup that has a scent to it. Luckily, no scent! The packaging is very cute. It's a little reflective and has small light bulbs on it. I am not that big of a fan of the stick concept of it because I'm afraid it'll break, but that can be avoided by not twisting it up a whole bunch.

I apply it on my brow bone only due to acne on my upper cheeks where a highlight would go. It highlights my acne basically and makes it more noticeable. When I apply it to my brow bone, I just rub the product on my finger and smooth it on to the area. Although I don't wear eyeshadow, this highlighter would complete an eyeshadow look. It just pulls everything together. I'm pretty pale, about a C2 in L'Oreal True Match and this does take a little more product to show up when I blend it. Not blended, it's very noticeable. It lasts very well and doesn't seem to slide down near my eyelids. It's also not super shimmery! (The picture provided is when it's blended in.)

Pros: Easy to use No scent Beautiful color Stays on all day Not super shimmery

Cons: Can be pricey (depending on budget) A little too light/not noticeable (for pale skin) Can be easily broken

Amirah U.

Too bad this shade wasn't in a powder form. I'm tanned skinned brown girl, and I think this high lighter looks great on the nose and cheek bone. The only thing, my product dried up so that's why I gave it a lower rating.

Chelsey C.

This is my favorite product!! I had a sample that I got for my birthday and it lasted me almost a whole year so I can only imagine how long the full sized product would last! I don't use it on my cheeks because I have oily skin and I just don't like any extra shine but I use it on my waterline, brow bone, and inner corner of the eye for a gorgeous bright eyed look!! Used it everyday and it lasted me forever I'm very sad that I'm out right now but I would definitely purchase the full size it's well worth the price.

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Linda G.
Love it

I absolutely love this highlighter! I got a free one once as a sample and I loved it. It's works so well and last a long time! Very easy to use and not very expensive 👌

Kitty K.
Great highlighter

I only have a sample of this and I use it occasionally. This is a great highlighter that is very blend able. I use it in the recommended areas and I will probably purchase this once all my other highlighters run out.

Madison F.

I love this so so so much! I got some for my birthday from sephora and I just love it! I use this everyday for highlighting and it's very shimmery!