Pro Longwear Concealer


Audrey S.
The best

Max prolong where concealer it is truly the best concealer out I've tried from drugstore brand hi and I found no other better than Mac Pro long my preference this is the best it stays on all day with the right powder set alomst never creases. Highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. Only thing I can say bad is the palm it squirts out way too much product then desired but it's such a good concealer I have to give it five stars LOL

Zulema  A.

My favorite the coverage of it is amazing I have a pretty red not toned face and with this concealer it covers everything I could honestly just wear this no foundation needed haha.

Sav L.
holy grail?!

love love love this product, wish this EXACT formula was a foundation. it covers everything flawlessly. i go through an hour and a half of gym class and six more hours of classes and such and this does not budge❤️

Scarlett P.

Ok so I don't know if its just me, but applied this why my fingers and it left my under-eyes super wrinkly and dry. Also the makeup artist gave me a color that was darker than my face... Do you guys pre-moisturize (and what with)? Also what kind of brush do you recommend?

Travelon M.
Excellent Concealer

This is a great product. Great consistency. Not too thick or thin. It has an awesome amount of pigment plus it doesn't crease. The formulation is just all around great. I use it along with LA Pro Girl concealer, (which is a great dupe by the way).

Anj A.

Literally a pro long wear concealer! I wear it for the whole day and it stays the same! Though sometimes it creases because i have fine lines and i cant seem to find anything that will fill them, but other than that i really love it. Give it a try you wont regret it! It will stay with you for at least 3-4 months that if you use it daily!

Tyler D.

LOVE this concealer !! I use it to cover my dark circles after I apply my face and body foundation. It took me forever to figure out a way to blend this concealer under my eyes but I found that it works perfect with a 224 brush

Jan M.
This is like 10 stars!!!!

OMG i seriously cannot even begin to explain how much i love this concealer!!! I have been looking everywhere for a concealer that would not crease and i finally found it! I am so happy with the coverage and how it lasts all day long. This is something that i will be repurchasing forever and ever. I did have a problem with the pump dispensing too much concealer at first but i finally managed to figure out how to work that out and not dispense too much.

Stephanie M.

I cannot rave enough about how much I love this concealer! Absolutely amazing coverage that lasts all day. Definitely the best concealer I have ever used. My only complaint is the pump. The pump delivers way too much product and it ends up being wasted. Since this concealer is so concentrated, you don't need a lot of it.

Theresa G.
Great & Long-lasting!

This is a concealer I can always go back to and count on when I am discovering other products. It is lightweight and easy to blend. Once blended it won't budge. Great product to have. Only complaint is the pump ALWAYS gives way more than needed!