Pro Longwear Concealer


Tuss M.

I have tried all concealers by MAC, and this is the best one by far. I use this more as a foundation than as a spot concealer.

MY SKINTONE AND CONDITION: I'm very pale with yellow undertones (~ BEHOLD, other brands, one must not be pink only because they are pale! ~), about NC10 if that existed. I can use NW10 which is available in Studio Fix Fluid. Other foundations I have found that matched my skin tone are MUFE Mat Velvet in 115 and Shiseido Radiant Lifting foundation in OO0.

At the moment, my skin is good (knock on wood) with just a few spots of discoloration, like freckles or old acne spots. Nothing to cry about. I had bad acne before and this concealer has been with me all this time *sentimental*

SHADE: NC15 in foundations is always too dark for me. The only one that comes close is the Studio Sculpt foundation in NC15, but still too dark. I usually find a match in concealers though, except this one. (read comparison at the bottom) It's already too dark when I put it on, and then it oxidizes like nothing else and becomes about two shades darker. That sucks. Though, I mix this with a white foundation (Illamasqua Skin Base) to match my skin tone, so it's never a problem as long as I mix it.

COVERAGE: Really full coverage, even when I had acne this covered it all. Now I sheer it down as much as I can, for example by mixing with a primer and using my hands/ a stippling brush.

APPLICATION/TEXTURE: I usually dot this on my face with my hands and pat it into the skin, and then I even out the uneven edges with a clean stippling brush. I am not a fan of sponges or flat foundation brushes so I haven't tried that one. I like how it melts into my skin when I use my hands. Can be a little hard to blend, but I often mix primer in so it glides on better.

FINISH: This was hands down my favourite concealer (used as a foundation) when I had acne. This was the only thing that could actually fully cover my discoloration, and actually evened out the skin texture a little - with other words, didn't emphasize bumps or dryness. It just leaves a soft matte/natural finish, no signs of dryness and still controls oil than anything I have tried.

LONGEVITY: Lasts well over the promised 15 hours for me! Let's put it this way: I took the train to my neighbour country, walked 3 miles in rain, went to a sweaty concert, walked 3 miles in rain again, took the train home, walked in rain home, and it looked perfect in the mirror. That was like 12 hours of rain and wind. Then it has lasted about 26 hours on me before, when I had a horrible day and had no chance to take my makeup off. So, yeah, it's like concrete. Controls oil better than anything else I have tried. If I usually have to blot after 2 hours, I only blot this once every 5 hours or not at all.

PACKAGING: Oh mother of God I hate this packaging. I have several "empty" bottles with plenty left on the bottom that I CAN'T GET OUT. So frustrating. Except that I like that it's in a pump bottle, but I would love to be able to take the top/pump off.

CONCLUSION: This was the only thing that could make my acne skin look decent and the only thing that helped me feel pretty again. Now that the acne is gone this is still a staple of mine, and I still use it when I want my makeup to last all day/all night. I will continue to buy this as long as MAC doesn't do anything stupid and discontinue it. ♥

MAC CONCEALERS COMPARISON: - MAC Select Cover-Up - sheer coverage, runny/watery liquid, ashy shades but pale enough for me. Creases, doesn't last. Comes in squeeze tube. - MAC Studio Finish - full coverage, thick texture, the shades are great - pale enough for me. Looks cakey, lasts but looks awful after a while. Comes in pot. - MAC Select Moisturecover - sheer to medium coverage, liquid (thicker than Cover-Up), shades I find too pink (both NC and NW), a little too dark for me. Creases incredibly, doesn't last at all. Comes in tube with wand. - MAC Mineralize Concealer - light to medium coverage, liquid (same as Moisturecover), great shades and pale enough, lasts a little better than the others. Doesn't crease that bad. Comes in a tube with a brush-like wand. - MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer - incredible full coverage, very thick and dry texture, the palest shades of all. Looks cakey and awful on me, but could be great on others. Came in a pot. (Discontinued) - MAC Pro Longwear Concealer - full coverage, liquid but thicker than Moisturecover and Mineralize. Love it.

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Tisha R.

I can always count on this concealer to hide my blends flawlessly however I recommend using the MAC's 224 tapered blending brush for an airbrush finish. And don't forget to set! and your ready to go:)

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Crystal D.
Holy Grail

This concealer is on my holy grail list. It looks so natural on the face, it wears all day no creasing or flaking. The consistency is very liquid but it gets the job done with concealing any dark blemishes or under eye circles. It is a small bottle but only a tiny dot is needed to do your entire face and then some. I hate the packaging because sometimes it provides too much product which is a waste! There is a really good variety of shades and I def recommend this product.

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Miss Nikkicakes X.
Great for the beach, long lasting, superior coverage

This concealer is well worth the money. I typically use Amazing Concealer but when I go to the beach or need concealer for extended wear I turn to my MAC Pro Long Wear concealer. It's coverage is superior and it will typically last 10+ hours without creasing or wearing off. I live in Florida and it is very intense at the beach, but this concealer never fails me there. Definitely worth it.

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Tara M.
Full coverage that feels light.

I love how this concealer feels, it's so light and I don't even feel like I'm wearing makeup. Right now, I use this all over my face as foundation. I'm struggling with a lot of acne right now & needed a lot of coverage. The bottle is small but it's totally worth it. The only thing I really don't like about it is the smell. But after it's applied I really can't smell it anymore. Wonderful product and will definately repurchase!

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Angie R.
Love the concealer... Hate the pump!

I've never really used concealer, but when I went into the MAC store and the MUA applied it under my eyes, I really saw a HUGE difference, my cheeks also tend to get very red, and even after I apply foundation, I still see some of the red come through so I use this to cover up any redness on my cheeks and I love it! I just hate the fact that I can't control the amount that comes out from just one pump. One pump gives you a lot and sometimes I don't use it all so it just goes to waste. Other than that, the product itself is great.

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Adriana C.

One minute I dislike the product then the next minute i love it. I love the finish of this concealer but I hate how fast it drys. The coverage is amazing! It does not crease at all. Its perfect and long lasting. I suggest using this product with a beauty blender!

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Ms L.
Best under-eye concealer!!

I absolutely love this concealer. I use it under my eyes and set it with Ben Nye banana powder. I am NC 42 and use concealer shades NC35 for everyday and NC30 when I want more of a highlight and brightening. It goes on smoothly and does not crease at all. Also great coverage! I absolutely recommend this concealer.

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Alexandra G.
Best concealer ever!

Hands down the best concealer I've ever bought. First off you get a good deal of product for your money, and it lasts all day - even with NO touch up! I use this under my eyes and set it with a lighter translucent powder than I wait a few minutes and brush the powder off with my brush (this step locks concealer in and helps it stay longer). Also use this around my nose and any trouble areas. Great stuff!

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Pamela D.

I love this stuff! It stays forever even through rain, sweat, and long days of work. I use it as an under eye concealer. Holy Grail Product! However, It is not as opaque as more full coverage concealers but you can layer them if you choose to do so. I layer mine with the Maybelline Dark Circle corrector.

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