Pro Longwear Concealer

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Kylie  S.

I love this so much. Full coverage and stays on all day. Super matte and does not shine. Although it is recommended to use this with a bit of powder to prevent creasing. Worth the splurge!

Brooke K.
awful packaging!

the product itself, i love it. it's extremely long wearing and the coverage is incredible. however the first time i purchased it i accidentally dropped it (as soon as i got home) and it shattered! i wish the bottle was plastic, if it was it would get five stars.

Liz G.

This concealer is so amazing ! It's ceaseless which is the reason I bought it and sticked with it . By far this concealer is the only one that has left my under eyes circles covered . I love it :)

Brooke L.

I love this but you cannot use it on its own, normally I would put on a base but I was in a rush so I just put this on and it left my face looking appalling, had blotches all over my face and it was melting and going oily, I do recommend this but also I recommend the MAC base pro, haven't used anything like it before

Stephanie F.
The Best

I have dry super sensitive skin. This concealers is perfect for it. Its not a dry concealer so it helps my skin look hydrated, it covers like no other concealer, and its not too yellow for my very pink undertone. This also works well for contouring if you buy 2-3 shades darker.

Hannah E.
Decent for Theatre but Terrible for Daily Use

this concealer is relatively successful at covering up blemishes or discoloration in the sense that it covers up most of the color but I can't seem to make it look "natural". It looks pretty good from far away but unless you're okay with looking like cake-face, I'd avoid talking to anyone face-to-face. This concealer needs to be on moisturized (but not too oily) skin and if applied on any dry areas, it patches like crazy. Also, if you use too much or not enough, regardless of setting it, I find it to crease on my under eye fine lines when concealing my dark circles and it actually accentuates the area. It works really well as an eyeshadow primer because it makes the lid area a uniform color before layering on color. However, I'd prefer to use maybe Urban Decay Eden Primer potion because it has the same coverage and you don't need to powder to prevent creasing. I do know of a few friends who are very successful in their use of MAC Pro Longer Concealer (on some of them it looks natural), but I do have to warn people that MAC is a Theater/Stage Makeup brand. This means that the things that they put in their face makeup is not to be used for daily wear because it is too thick and heavy to allow pores to breathe as much as they need to. Overall, since I am happy with the effect it has on concealing from a distance, I will use this during my theatre performances and when I have a zit that is too high maintenance for a regular, healthy concealer, I cannot recommend to anyone who prefers to keep happy, young pores and a natural-looking face.

Tessa M.
Best concealer ever!!!!

I am a concealer hoarder since I didn't seem to be able to find one that covers my undereye area (hereditary undereye circles) which is a dark purple/pink. After trying from drugstore to high end products I was about to give up. But I decided to invest in another concealer which was the MAC Pro longwear, I researched and read tons of reviews and articles about it before I went on to purchase it and ITS AMAZING! Hands down the Best concealer I have ever tried, super lightweight and can be used as foundation or mix it with your fav moisturizer for an even lighter coverage for summerA

Samara r.

It is very full coverage, a little bit thick in consistency, best applied with fingers to give the fullest coverage, it does crease on me but I pat in the concealer with a damp beauty blender after applying with my fingers to make sure it doesn't look cakey and to give a bit of moisture so it doesn't crease, then I add a under eye setting power so it doesn't move around. It is like the Collection Concealer, similar in coverage and consistency just much cheaper! It's easy to blend but you got to work with it quickly because if you leave it to long before blending it will dry and not blend very well.

Georgia P.
Awesome concealer

I'm a big fan of this product. I have quite dry skin and find a lot of concealers crease or just look dry and terrible but not this one! It goes on well, stays all day and comes of with ease when removing your make up. I also love the size of this product, you get so much for your money! Will be repurchasing when mine runs out!

R B.
Love it

It's amazing. It's not the thinnest consistency but that's the best thing about it. You can layer it over problem areas and get a very full coverage. I sometimes even wear it as an all over foundation when I go to the beach because it's fairly water resistant. It doesn't run off your face if your hot or sweaty. I love it. Only thing that I'm not a fan of is price, and the dispenser. When you need only a tiny bit the dispenser makes it impossible and gives you way more then you need.