Cle de Peau Beaute


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Stephanie M.
Best yet.

I purchased this at Nordstrom about a month ago for $70. Yes, hefty price tag for just a simple concealer stick. I was blown away by the effortless glide it had on my skin and the incredible coverage and staying power. I was very excited to try this. With that type of price tag, you expect the product to be amazing, and it was. I am highly impressed with this concealer. I am in the shade Ocre/Ocher. Definitely recommend.

Kelly P.
Best concealer ever

This concealer is awesome to bring everywhere with you. It is easy to fit in your purse and lasts such a long time. I love this because I am a pale person and it isn't to dark for my complexion. It also isn't to thick and look cakey. It always covers my imperfections, but looks flawless.

Cari B.
Pricey but I love it!

I work some of the most insane hours! When your alarm clock goes off at 3:30am and you just went to bed at 11pm and you already have bad bad dark circles.. This little stick o magic is my bff!!! Yes it's a bit dry but if you have allowed a good bit of your undereye moisturizer to sink in, then it really does stay nicely. I also set it with a teeny bit of LM Secret brightening powder. Only apply it to the dark areas... DO NOT use this like a paint stick and swaft it all under your eyes, you'll look 90 years old in a few hours (maybe less if you have lines already like I do).. I use a small brush and apply it only where needed and tend to layer it to that days needed coverage. I use Ochre normally but have all colors in my professional kit. They last forever and if they'll cover my wonderfully genetic jet black dark circles.. they'll cover yours;)

Ahwish C.
I promise it's worth it!

I was quite disappointed at first because I thought the product was going to be very creamy like the tester I tried. But I decide to use it since I spend so much money on it. But it gets better after using it for a month. The texture got creamier and creamier - which explains why I felt the tester was better.

It took me more than 2 years to use up. Really covers undereye circle well without making it cakey. And more importantly, it doesn't shows up in photos. In fact, it looks so natural on photos. Easy to blend. It's not that fantastic to cover blemishes on face though. I don't know why.

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Natalie C.
Portable Perfection

So you're looking for concealer that's portable, pigmented, and with great texture huh? This is definitely it!! I've been using this product for years and I keep coming back to it even if I decide to try new products. It's just so handy for traveling, but the quality is never spared even if it's in a stick form. It's velvety and pigmented so it lasts a long time and it looks like second skin. I use this mainly for my undereyes but when I travel, this is the only concealer I need to bring. If only other products were this easy...

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Christina K.
The best concealer ever, if pricey...

Of all makeup related areas, I am most keen on faking flawless skin. For anyone over 25, this require a damn good concealer and this baby is it! It is admittedly uber-pricey (~$70 a tube, thus the half-star dock), but I will gladly pay for the magic it delivers. It is light enough to blend well with just a few taps, yet covers all my imperfections (red around nose, dark hollows under eyes, redness around zits badly popped, etc.). I don't know how, but it does and it does it so well. I can always feel confident in putting my best face forward with this around.

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