Smoothie Shampoo


Stephanie M.
Too much alcohol content.

Children shampoos are horrible for adult hair. The alcohol content is very high which makes the shampoo very drying. It smells great, but not worth the damage it can cause over time.

Liyah M.

my son loves this stuff, it smells great and it makes his hair super soft and easy to brush. i have been using this product on my son for 5 years. he likes it so much he washes his own hair now.

Octavia B.
Brings back memories<3

I LOVE this stuff. I used it all the time when I was a little kid. Mave favorite was the watermelon one. It smells soooo good, and it works really well to,it leaves your hair really smooth. It works really well u should totally get it,even if your not a little kid lol

Lacey F.

i love this stuff and the bottles! im 20 and i still use it today! i love all the scents and its good becuase its a 3 n 1. so its great for travel. just maybe bring a travel conditioner if you need more conditioning other than that it conditions great once you brush your hair. you can tell the difference!

Karla G.

I still remember when my mom bought me this and it smelled so good!:) Hah &nd my hair got so clean and soft:) My hair always smelled so fruity and omg i just wanted to eat my hair...hahaha:) Ahh good memories:)

Cristal V.

I remember being younger and my mom would always buy this shampoo especially because it will detangle my hair. They would always leave my hair smelly fruity and it would last all day.

Maya J.
I'd go back to being a kid just for this shampoo :P

I remember using this shampoo as a little kid like it was yesterday (it actually wasn't THAT long ago, I mean I'm only 14 so it wasn't too long ago). It smelled so good and came in tons of different scents! The bottle was so cute too and totally fun for kids! It always made my hair smell fruity and was always shiny. From what I remember it always detangled my thick (and at the time super curly) hair. I use this when I give my little cousin his bath when I babysit and he seems to love it too :P

Michelle D.

Ahh the memories. I grew up using this shampoo and I loved the bottle. I used to play with it when I'd take baths. Haha, from what I remember, it smelled really good and my hair (looking back at my old pictures) looked very shiny, sooo this shampoo was the mastermind behind it all.

Melrose M.

i use this to clean my brushes lol

recommended by xSparkage :DD

they seem to like it :D ahahaha they're like my babies ;) it smells really good and its gentle on them... so yeahhhh :))

Poppy T.
My favorite Kid Shampoo!

I remember using this as a kid! I loved it! The scents are amazing, they have so many to choose from! It leaves your hair smelling fantastic for hours on end!! It does do a good job of untangling but I don't think it really smooths your hair out that much. I would still recommend if you're looking for a fun scent to try or just want to bring back memories!