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Burnt the crap out of my eyes!

I can't really remember much about this product other than it stung my eyes so badly! I think it removed the eye makeup well but at the cost of burning my eyes, that's not good. I liked the packaging and the little disposable circular pads and I didn't mind that you had to tip the container upside down so the pads didn't dry out. I've had some hits, but mostly misses from Almay, and this was a total FAIL. I have sensitive eyes, so when I wear eye makeup it takes a few hours for my eyes to get used to it, especially if I haven't worn eye makeup for a while. Sometimes my eyes will water and mess up my makeup. Given that, I want a makeup remover that will cleanse my eye area AND be gentle. These were anything but that. I'll just stick to my current fave, which I'll review later.

My current go to lip balm

This is one of my most used BB's lip balms. Love the scent and taste, cute packaging, easy to carrry around/store, lasts for ages, gives a cute sheen to the lips, is moisturizing and of course, like all the other Burt's Bees products, is eco friendly, natural, and cruelty- free. I love how the caps always represent the color of an ingredient within the balm. I think at present, I own all of the lip shimmers, own a few balms, but don't have them all. The only downside is that these are pricey, but the value is worth it because you're investing in a cool brand that cares about its clientele and the earth/animals.

2nd Fave after peppermint beeswax balm!

After the original peppermint balm this balm is certainly a go to and my next fave. Its got more of a rosemary scent than pomegranate, but thats what makes it interesting and tasty, although it is sweet.It has a rich, berry color. I love how lush and moist the product is, giving the lips a nice sheen and pinky flush. I agree, that when you're too lazy or not in the mood for a big lip look you can just slap some of this on and its got the versatility of a lip balm and tinted balm/ lip stain/ lip butter. I love their packaging and design, how long the product lasts, yada yada. I am considering using it as a cheek tint- has anyone tried it for that? Its worth a shot, but it might be too sheer. All in all its a classic balm that everyone loves! <3

like UDPP's popularity, but for lips!

I've been into this lip product since I saw my sister using it when we were just preteens. I'm glad I got into Burt's Bee's through this product because I really like their company so far and so many of their products. Plus, there are still TONS of products I want to try. I love the iconic packaging, it durability, and how the tube will last pretty long. The peppermint tingles nicely on the lips and refreshes you, and is great for after a meal, if you want to subtly freshen your breath. I like that its clear with a small sheen, quite moisturizing and its addicting. Its my second go to lip balm after Chapstick brand! The only downside is that Burt's is a little expensive, but they have great, high quality products, so its kinda worth it.

Great all around lip product

I have been a big fan of Burt's lip shimmers and balms since I was a tween. I really am digging the new Radiance line, including this lip shimmer. Its pretty much the same as their cult peppermint lip balm but with a subtle shimmer incorporated into the formula. Its purse friendly (I like to keep my lippies and lip products in little decorative change purses and pouches in my purse) and could be used as a highlighter in the cupids bow above the upper lip, and if generously slathered all over the lips and applied outside the lip line, may enhance the size of the lips because the balm reflects the light. Its not going to bleed or get messy because its sheer/ clear and the texture is creamy and smooth. If you like BB's lip shimmers and their peppermint balm, you will like this. As with most of their products its a little pricey, but if you have money to spare, this would be a pretty good purchase, although its more basic than must have.

great bodywash

I loved the combo of rosemary and peppermint- the peppermint was stronger but there was a subtle rosemary note that gave it an interesting scent, and balanced out the peppermint. I love pepperminty/tea tree oil, etc. kinda body washes because they make me feel so clean, with their tingle and scent. I also like clear body washes as opposed to creamy ones for weird reasons but I'm starting to like the creamy kinds again- more Burt's Bees/ natural brand creamy ones though. These Burt's bodywashes are comparable to Dr. Bronners and Dr. Woods castille soap bodywashes too, and I like them all, so that's a plus. The only con I can point out is that these aren't cheap and its not a big container. You need to rotate your shower products in order to stretch out your use of this one. Most Burt's products are on the pricey side, so keep that in mind, but I think the price is somewhat worth it because the products are natural and great. Love Burt's Bees, especially their new body products/ skin care lines! <3

Great Multi- Use Product

I got this on my first trip to Sephora when I was first really getting into makeup and all the brands that were new to me. I knew I wanted to start with Stila products. I liked my smudgepot but it annoyed me how fast it dried out and how It caused such difficulty when I used it with my different eyeliner brushes. Even with an angled eyeliner or smudge eyeliner brush, the product was hard to manage because of its dryness. It can be resurrected and now I use this as an eyeshadow base instead of a liner. (I also think that the first layer of the pot tends to dry out quickly, but the bottom and middle layers just need to be exposed in order to use the product successfully). The edges of the product have more moisture so I just press my index finger into the pot and with one press into the squishy product I can pick up a lot of black pigment. Just dab and smoke out on the lids, set with a shadow of your choice, and you have a simple smokey eye. Once I got the product up and running again, I loved using one of my short, flat eye brushes that is perfect for applying shadow close to the lash lines, this was perfect for creating a nice line and some structure with the black smudge pot. This brush is great for creating structured lines when applying shadow- not as crisp as tape, but not rounded, or messy, either, on your shadow's outer edge. I think I'm going to try to liquify the pot further at some point, but the firmness of the product has helped it turn into a great black eyeshadow base, with the pigment of a NYX shadow pencil, and perhaps without some of that slickness (Still need to try the jumbo eye pencils, though). My word of advice is try to reconstitute any dry gel liners- and there are tons of vids showing how to do that, as you gals probably know, because with a little effort, great products won't go to waste. Some products are crappy and need to be thrown out, but some can be surprisingly multi-tasking. This smudgepot works better as a black eye shadow base than a liner for me, and thankfully I have a few other gel liners that I really enjoy and work better for eyelining (and of course want more!). I'm glad I gave this product a second try and realized how versatile it really is.

Surprisingly Great

This eye shadow primer is very comparable to UDPP as well as my Palladio herbal eye shadow primer. E.L.F. has really succeeded in creating so many products, including a pretty good eye primer. I like how slender the packaging is and I prefer doe foot applicators. There's an ample amount of primer in the skinny little tube, and it also is not prone to drying out. I have heard talk that this primer's staying power is so-so, that colors don't appear as vibrant and its likely that any eye colors will fade. I still need to experiment more with the product to be sure if I back these sentiments , although, since its cheaper in quality, I'm not expecting it to be the BEST ever. Its working great for me. Before the primer craze, concealer/foundation set with loose powder was a relatively viable option to prime the eyes, so even this little cheapie 1 dollar primer is much better in comparison. I have a primer addiction and really want TFESI, as well as a gazillion others. I wasn't aware this primer came in different shades, so I'll probably get one of the more successful ones, according to these fab reviews. <3

Go to for fabulously chiseled cheeks!

This brush has really helped me get desirable results as far as bronzing/blushing/contouring and highlighting go. I got lucky with the feel of the bristles- mine are soft, almost too soft, and flimsy, because I like a brush that is gentle on the skin but is still firm, without too much give. The hairs do fall out, which is a little annoying, but not a big deal. I love its shape and how its helped define my cheekbones and let me play with different blushes and bronzers. This brush is great economically and perfect for beginners with makeup. I still want to slowly add more cheek/facial brushes to my collection, yet I feel, as cheap as this brush is, its a great foundation in my brush collection. Plus, I dig the reddish (probably fake) color of the bristles. For a buck, this is a great product, although I wish the brush had more substance physically- it does feel a little cheap and breakable.

Best mascara I have ever used!

I bought this sort of on a whim, after seeing the kooky commercial for it. I wanted to try one of the new, popular drug store mascaras, probably from Maybelline, but I randomly opted for this, hoping for the best. I love the packaging, super hip and modern and I really like the brush. I love how big it is and how its so dense, almost fluffy. I literally JUST put it on and am AMAZED. The brush's hugeness and weight I used to my advantage, almost curling my lashes with it. One coat added length, definition and volume, with NO CLUMPS! Watch, the next time I wear it, it will be full of clumps, but now I am basking in this victory. All my other mascaras, from now and the past have always succeeded in giving me clumps, some definition and length, and thats about it. Not to mention eye irritation. I have medium curly-ish lashes and very nice bottom lashes- that I love to play with and accentuate, but no mascara really made them look bigger/longer/etc. I hate having to comb through clumps and I'm happy that for the first time ever, my lashes are clump free! I've been paying more attention to mascaras lately and I'm glad my curiosity paid off. Lets keep our fingers crossed that I'll always have the same success with this mascara, every application.

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