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Karen B.
Tossed it in the trash

The worst mascara I've ever tried. I had such high hopes too. What a waste if money! This made my lashes extremely heavy and when I applied it you could literally see my lashes go from being curled to straight, to downwards... Very strange product. Wish I could give this NO stars.

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Mariam A.

Best mascara out there to make your lashes look full and volume. Love love love it, makes my lashes look long and black, and all's you need is like one coat and wa-la

Olivia K.

It does an awesome job at doing eyelashes!! I tell you what it is worth trying. I had people tell me how amazing this product is and I can only agree. You should give it a try and I can almost bet you will love this. The brush is amazing!

Rebecca M.
This is a great product but you have to know how to use it.

When I put on mascara I put layers of different mascaras because I like my lashes to looks huge. I would suggest curling your lashes first and using it on top of another mascara. Usually I use this after all my other mascaras it gives them extra color and volume without being clumpy :) you guys should try this mascara this way and I promise you will like it better.

Rosy S.

Another mascara I'm currently using and I love! if you want to add drama to the eyelashes this product is perfect for that. The brush is awesome because you can keep building the volume as much as you want or also just add a few strokes.

Alannah R.

This product i bought at target and has been the best mascara i ever used. How it plumps my lashes in perfect form ! Long healthy lashes are my thing !

Niamh S.

IT AMAZING! my sister's friend got it and told her to try and then i tried it, it was so amazing!!! it is so worth buying and i would recommend this to anyone!! x

Julianne J.
Best mascara I have ever used!

I bought this sort of on a whim, after seeing the kooky commercial for it. I wanted to try one of the new, popular drug store mascaras, probably from Maybelline, but I randomly opted for this, hoping for the best. I love the packaging, super hip and modern and I really like the brush. I love how big it is and how its so dense, almost fluffy. I literally JUST put it on and am AMAZED. The brush's hugeness and weight I used to my advantage, almost curling my lashes with it. One coat added length, definition and volume, with NO CLUMPS! Watch, the next time I wear it, it will be full of clumps, but now I am basking in this victory. All my other mascaras, from now and the past have always succeeded in giving me clumps, some definition and length, and thats about it. Not to mention eye irritation. I have medium curly-ish lashes and very nice bottom lashes- that I love to play with and accentuate, but no mascara really made them look bigger/longer/etc. I hate having to comb through clumps and I'm happy that for the first time ever, my lashes are clump free! I've been paying more attention to mascaras lately and I'm glad my curiosity paid off. Lets keep our fingers crossed that I'll always have the same success with this mascara, every application.

Karina Y.
Very Volumizing

I love the thick brush; it really helps to volumize each and every lash. 2-3 coats is my everyday go-to look. With my thin lashes, I'm really picky as most mascaras don't add enough volume. I normally use Maybelline Falsies (the purple tube), but I am sticking with this one for now.

Macy W.

I love the big brush so much It doesnt clump bad at all, it's afordable (I always get it on sale) , and it gets along with my fake eyelashes (I wear daily) And if i don't wear the false lashes EVERYONE asks what kind of mascara I use(: