Burt's Bees

Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

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Christine B.
I love this product!

Burt's bees lip balm is super moisturizing and smells great! I like it a lot more than Chapsticks and it is actually one of my favorite lip products. I can't wait to try the other Burt's bees products! Overall it's an amazing product!!

Ariana G.
Perfect Lip Balm

This lip balm will completwly revitalize your lips. It brings them back to life! I espexially love the slight berry color of this lip balm which would give me a sheer pink color on my lips. If you're going to buy any lip balm by Burts Bees it has to be this one! I always make sure I have this lip balm with me bcuz it saves my life. It moisturizes my lips even in its most dry state; I'm forever loyal to it.

Kat S.

I am in love with this lip balm and use it in presents, before bed, while skiing, before kissing(jklol) I reccomend to anyone and everyone and will def re buy

Emily M.

All I can say is I love it! Makes my lips feel replenished and new! I use it on almost a daily basis, and have loved this brand line of products ever since.

Linette D.

The moisture stays and its pretty affordable. Best chapstick so far! Go grab it :) P.S I like that it contains natural ingredients and that it is against animal testing. Way to go.

Vicky K.

I LOVE THIS LIP BALM! It makes my lips so moisturized and soft. It also gives a bit of color, which I love! All in all, I have to say, this has got to be the best lip balm I've ever tried and I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

Beck H.

This is the best Chapstick ever. I will use it forever. It does what all lip balm and Chapstick should do. I like that it's all natural and not tested in animals either. 2 thumbs up!

Heather I.
good lip balm

I like all of the Burt's Bees lip balms... and if they're tinted, even better. Only problem is that I keep losing them.....or my niece steals them lol. Now if they just came in multi-packs.

Cylena M.
New Lover Of Burt's Bees

I wasn't a fan of their brand until I bought this lip balm at my school bookstore. Its usually hard for me to buy lip balms because I have dry lips especially in the winter. After using the product only one time it made my lips look 100% better. I highly recommend this to anybody because it does its job as a lip balm and it smells great.

Julianne J.
2nd Fave after peppermint beeswax balm!

After the original peppermint balm this balm is certainly a go to and my next fave. Its got more of a rosemary scent than pomegranate, but thats what makes it interesting and tasty, although it is sweet.It has a rich, berry color. I love how lush and moist the product is, giving the lips a nice sheen and pinky flush. I agree, that when you're too lazy or not in the mood for a big lip look you can just slap some of this on and its got the versatility of a lip balm and tinted balm/ lip stain/ lip butter. I love their packaging and design, how long the product lasts, yada yada. I am considering using it as a cheek tint- has anyone tried it for that? Its worth a shot, but it might be too sheer. All in all its a classic balm that everyone loves! <3