Blushing, Bronzing And Blending Brush

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Make Up D.

I use this brush for putting on blush and also my bronze you can use it to contour, to highlight and more. It is soft and easy to easy, and for the price it is good. God Bless Josephine:)

Julianne J.
Go to for fabulously chiseled cheeks!

This brush has really helped me get desirable results as far as bronzing/blushing/contouring and highlighting go. I got lucky with the feel of the bristles- mine are soft, almost too soft, and flimsy, because I like a brush that is gentle on the skin but is still firm, without too much give. The hairs do fall out, which is a little annoying, but not a big deal. I love its shape and how its helped define my cheekbones and let me play with different blushes and bronzers. This brush is great economically and perfect for beginners with makeup. I still want to slowly add more cheek/facial brushes to my collection, yet I feel, as cheap as this brush is, its a great foundation in my brush collection. Plus, I dig the reddish (probably fake) color of the bristles. For a buck, this is a great product, although I wish the brush had more substance physically- it does feel a little cheap and breakable.

Kendra L.
pretty good

Works well for me...soft (which I've noticed others say It's not), picks up product well..gets the job done. Doesn't shed...guess I got lucky. For 1 dollar I won't have a problem repurchasing. Love Elf!

Sojourner W.
Perfect for Bronzer!

This was one of the first brushes I bought ever and I absolutely love it for my bronzer! It works perfectly on my t-zone and is also really good for contoruing my cheeks, face, whatever! I don't exactly know what you are suppose to blend with this brush, therefore I don't use it for blending. Lol. But the bristles are extremely soft and the price is extremely cheap, only $1! I absolutely love this brush!


- Price - Texture - Quality - Uses (3 in 1, even though I only use 2)

Cons: - Some of my bristles did fall out/shed

xoxo Sojo


Amanda M.
Its name says it all !

The names calls it ! Its good for blush and bronzer ! even blending ! i actually have 2 of these brushes also ! i reccomend it , its bristles are real soft so great for applying :)

Manda S.
Soft and perfect

This is my most used and favorite brush. I use it to apply powder foundation, powder blush, and bronzer. I can always pick up enough product and blend it away easily. It's soft, durable, and $1. It also doesn't have any fallout issues. So happy with it.

Mint P.

I live this brush to put bronzer! It's kinda small but I lOve love love it!And also the price is sooooooo amazing ! Only $1! Ugh... Why don't you just buy it and try it?

Breanna L.
this damn brush.

I use this brush everyday to contour my cheeks! I think I paid like two dollars for it, and its fine by me. It does the job, its cheap, it doesn't smell after I cleaned it (which happens with some brushes), & it hasn't fallen apart! --Well a couple of bristles have came out, but nothing major. Also, its not as rough as I thought it would be. Haha. I recommend if you need a quick brush for traveling or low on cash.

Mary C.
Works well!

I liked my first one so much I purchased a second. It does what it says and for the price I have no complaints. I haven't had any problems with it at all.

Nikki C.

I hear sooo many complaints about this wonderful brush, but it's the only brush I need for my bronzer and blush! It does NOT shed for me, as I've heard in so many reviews. I love it's shape and for $1 I definitely do not regret purchasing this. :)