Eye Makeup Remover Pads


Michan M.

I really liked the concept of these because of how convenient they are to use, but they unfortunately didn't work well for me. They did sting when I used them, but also I didn't feel like it removed my mascara well at all and I was constantly rubbing to get it off (however it removed my eyeshadow and liner just fine). I ended up having to give it to my friend who loves this stuff, so I'm still looking for the perfect eye make up remover for me.

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Jennifer K.

I love these! They're the only remover that gets all my waterproof mascara off! It does leave a little residue afterwards but I just use my face wipes to get all of that off really quick. They're so convenient too.

Kendra F.
Best so Far

I have the oil free remover as well. The remover pads are so big, so it's perfect for my eye. I got mine for $4.99 at Walgreens for an 80 count (rip off, right? Walmart has them for cheaper, so just go there). Before I used these, I was using the e.l.f. eye makeup remover pads, and although I am an e.l.f. fanatic, I feel that everyone should buy these if they want the quantity in one container, not several. They removed my eyeliner, eyebrow color, and eyeshadow so quickly and easily I was amazed, and it didn't dry out my skin. I will always get these remover pads. They are top notch and I love that I don't necessarily have to wash my face right after I remove my eye makeup because the remover pad didn't get everything. This wipes my eye clean. I am in love.

Abi H.

I use the Oil-Free kind (with the purple label) and I have never looked back. They take off all of my makeup and they don't leave any residue that could clog up my pores. I cannot even fathom buying a different product to remove my makeup because of how much I adore these.

Myrna P.

These are the only wipes I use to remove makeup that doesn't cause me to break out. I love Almay products and how it works for those with sensitive skin.

Shayla F.
My Go-To Remover pads

This is very refreshing & gets all the makeup off. It's cheap too! Everytime I pick up a different Almay remover pad, I tend to try out different ones or the cheapest or the 1st one I see. But no matter what type, Almay remover never fails.

Cristina L.

I only use them to remove makeup off my eyes.. *Yes it's very oily *No, I don't recommend to use it in the entire face *Yes, great until the more difficult mascara, glitter, to remove

Francesca S.

I like these, they're great for removing eye makeup, especially stuff that is hard to get off, but honestly, you might as well remove your makeup with olive oil. (That actually works quite well, by the way.) Also, the pads get used up very quickly, they don't absorb the remover very well, and I feel like I've spent too much money for something that didn't last long and left so much oily residue.

Staci M.

These pads are really great for removing stubborn eye makeup. I have very sensitive eyes and these are one of the few pads that don't burn my eyes like crazy when I remove them. I also love the price tag on these, very cheap for a good product.

Nikki Z.
Love love love

I love these! They get off all of my make up and they seem ALMOST oily but they really aren't. They are really moisturizing and I like the fact that they seem very slick on the skin but when you wash it away it leave the skin around your eyes very soft and supple. Which is always a plus for the skin around the eyes!