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Amazingly pigmented!

I had been wanting to get one of these babies for ages. After scouring the reviews on Beautylish and selecting a color I wanted to try, I finally went to get one. I really wanted to try cupcake- I've been wanting a Barbie/Nicki Minaj blue based pink lipstick forever, and since I don't wear full coverage lipsticks often, I thought the lip butters would be a great combo. Cupcake was all out in one store, and cracked in another. I opted for Sweet Tart. Boy, and I amazed by these. I did a really cute, simple makeup look and topped it off with this lip butter. I'm amazed because these are SO pigmented. Sweet Tart, when swatched, is more lip balmy and sheer, than when worn. They are more of a lipstick, than a lip butter, in my opinion. I love that I got a semi gloss/semi opaque lipstick out of this, but am a little dissapointed as well. If I wanted a pink lipstick I could have just searched for one. I wanted something a little creamier than Maybelline's Baby Lips, and a little more pigmented, but not as full coverage as a lipstick. While I'm glad this product is more of a lippie, at least my Sweet Tart is, I wanted something more in the middle. But thats what happens with makeup, especially this new tinted lip balm/lip butter craze- you never know how pigmented something will be, or what the finish will be like. I do love the versatility of this product however- you can really up the ante and line and fill your lips first, then finish with the lip butter for a really bold lip. I could also see this being a great, dewey and pigmented creme blush! Because the pigmentation is so fantastic I might need to stock up on more of these. Packaging is adorable and I love the slanted, lip stick feel of the bullet. Another success from Revlon- whose lipsticks I adore.

Great first BB cream

I have been really into the idea of BB creams for awhile now, looking up brands and researching them, via internet. I knew this bb wouldn't be as amazing as some of the Asian BB creams, so I wasn't starting out with the highest of expectations. When I purchased this, I realized how small the tube was in comparison to its box. On the shelf, you expect the product to be larger, like the box its housed in, but that is not true. Price wise these are a little pricey, which was another mini bummer. Online these bbs look much bigger, but again, most bbs might be similar in size and content, no matter how big they look in ads or on the internet. I really like Garnier skin care products and have used one of their special dry skin lines consisting of a cleanser, gel creme moisturizer, and daily moisturizer with spf, so I trusted Garnier to make a pretty decent bb. The packaging is super cute, although you only get 2 and a half fluid ounces. The cap and squeezey hole dispenser is really nice, but can get messy and one needs to be careful to not squeeze too much out of the tube. I have the light/medium shade. I like the fragrance, although its kinda strong- but as I've said I really like Garnier products, so this parfum was familiar to me. The product is thick, creamy and appears very pigmented. I love the smooth application too- the cream goes on so silky and smooth and I rub it in like a moisturizer. It has no drag like some TMs do with SPF. I feel like I'm using a decadent facial cream. Coverage wise, these are alright to pretty good. I have to use three hearty squeezes of product to cover my pores (my bell weather of knowing how good the coverage of a product is) and even with three dollops, redness still shows through and dark circles are only slightly minimized. The product feels so thick and looks very pigmented, but the coverage is sheer- although buildable. With some concealer and finishing powder, this product makes a good substitution/dupe for foundation. I like the subtle glow and gleam of the product and its smoothness on my face. I don't mind the dewey look, and that can be cut down with some powder. All in all this is a pretty good BB, with a few minor drawbacks. I still want to try more though, especially the more popular Asian BB creams.

Another hit by Maybelline!

Firstly, I have to mention that Maybelline has really stepped up their game with the quality of their cosmetics. Their products are starting to rival higher end brands; in fact, drugstore brands are becoming even more successful because they are competing with higher end brands. I had been wanting to snag one of these for a long time, and finally did awhile ago. I debate about whether I should write a review when I first try a product, or after I've played with it a bit first. I love the packaging- its super cute and relatively durable. I have these little funky coin purses/pouches I keep in my purse and I often store lippies in them- my baby lips cap never came off and ruined a pouch. Love the scent- I have 15-Cherry Me. They have a pleasant taste too. Color wise, these are great- You get a sheer wash of color, surprisingly vibrant, that could even be compared to that of a sheer lipstick. The feel is smooth and silky and the shine factor is great- these almost look like glosses. Cherry Me is quite pigmented, especially when its compacted together in the tube. It is more of a blue based red, than a warm red- keep that in mind as far as your undertones go. I do think that this shade would be flattering to anyone- even those with pretty pigmented lips, because the color shows up so nicely, and bluer reds also help teeth look whiter, whereas warmer shades bring out the yellow. These don't wear that long, which doesn't really surprise me- its to be expected with many balm products, and this product does need to be re-applied. As far as moisturizing goes, I don't see much of a difference, and I haven't worn this long enough or consecutively enough to notice any significant difference over time. A fun way to wear Cherry Me is dab a similar in hue lipstick ( like Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, creme finish, 440, Cherries in the Snow) on the bottom and/or top lip, more in the center, then coat with the balm. It gives a cute, juicy look to the lips! <3

Cute Soap, not particularly exfoliating

I thought this soap was really nice. I love the Radiance line by Burt's. The products smell great and are creamy and luscious. After using bar soap blindly for so many years, constantly drying out my already dry skin I was wary of any bar soaps. This was a different bar altogether because I correctly assumed the product would be lush and non drying/irritating. The smell was great, it felt creamy, and lathered well, without the help of chemical foaming agents. The only thing that seemed off was that the bar is not an "exfoliating bar". If you need to exfoliate there are a ton of other fantastic products, many in Burt's lines that would be of help. The beads incorporated into the bar are not rough enough to properly exfoliate. That is quite alright though because the beads gave the soap a subtle texture and were gel-like in nature. As I've said before, Burt's stuff is NOT cheap, and the Radiance line has proven to be a wee bit expensive. I wouldn't stock up on this bar and keep using it all the time because of the price, but wouldn't mind using it time to time. If you like the Radiance day or night moisturizer and other Burt's products you just might like this body bar. It won't dry you out or make you feel soap-scummy.

Love them!

After discovering EcoTools and loving the brush set I got, I knew I would really dig this set. It was even cuter than the last one- mini brushes and a tidy little velcro pouch/wrap. They are small and portable, but not too delicate or small because they are comfortable and easy to use, and just as sturdy as a larger brush. I actually do like using the brushes the way they are suggested to be used and have come up with creative uses for them on my own. That's the beauty of this set- you can really cater to any eyeshadow need/look. They're great for anyone, especially beginners. I like to use the "highlighting" brush as a blending and brow bone highlighting brush, the smaller brush ( 4th brush in set) for fine details around the eyes like crease work and lash lining, and the smallest brush ( 5th and last in set) for highlighting the tear duct/inner third of the eye. All in all its a wonderful set and a great companion to my first EcoTools set.

1st set of brushes as a beginner

I purchased this set at Rite Aid at least 2 or 3 years ago, when I was really getting into makeup. I had no idea how awesome these brushes were and how I would still reach for them even after acquiring many other brushes from different brands. I love the softness of the brushes, their durability, are easy to take care of/maintain/wash, are made of recycled material and are synthetic hair-taklon, so completely cruelty-free. I feel I'm not compromising anything about these brushes by their being eco-friendly. If anything I am gaining! I love the eyeshadow brush because it is soft and almost looks like real hair. Its the perfect brush to pack on color all over the lid, and for blending shadows. The blush brush is great, although I prefer others. The dark colored brush, I use as a crease definer shadow brush- although it could be used for concealer/multi-use because of its stiffness. I think it fits so well in the crease and when you want to carve out pretty precise lines. Its also great for a sweep/wash of color on the lids in a pinch. I LOVE the angled liner brush. Its perfect for lining eyes with damp shadow for a one of a kid eyeliner. Its great for cream liners and brows too, which I need to experiment more with. Its soft and has give, but is still firm- however, store this brush carefully because the bristles are soft enough to get a little bent/out of shape. The brow/lash comb is fine, although I don't use it often. All in all, one of my fave. EcoTools brush sets- and now I have others!

Nice little foot creme

I got this foot lotion in a sampler pack from Burt's a long time ago. I love the cute packaging and Burt's in general. They have a great message and an amazing range of diverse products that are sure to suit anyone. I love the natural texture of this lotion- its creamy but is still somewhat textural. The smell is comforting and clean feeling. Its not too harsh on the skin, tingle wise, just a cool, refreshing feeling. I think I will gain the most results If I really pamper my feet, instead of applying after a shower, although I do use my St. Ives Apricot Scrub as a body scrub instead of a facial scrub because its supposedly detrimental to the facial skin. It doubles as a great foot scrub and the peppermint foot lotion as a follow up step is really nice. If you enjoyed Burt's peppermint rosemary body wash, you're sure to enjoy this foot lotion.

Nice little cleanser

I got this in a Burt's sampler kit many years ago. I love the packaging. Its cute, small, portable and has plenty of product packed in the tube. It has a great, sweet, almost orangey/citrusy candy smell, which is pretty strong, but fine in my opinion. I love how natural the product is- its sort of a grainy, viscous gel, yellow-orange in color. There's nothing artificial about it, no fake colors or foaming agents, so keep that in mind. Because its so natural, the orange oil will separate and head to the top, so do shake the product first, or mix it in your hands before cleansing. It has a nice smooth feel when applying to the skin, and skin is soft after cleansing. Despite the claims that it will not leave skin tight feeling like other cleansers, I felt slightly aware of it being tighter. This just might be because I use other cleansers and my skin is not used to it. While I don't like the weirder feeling, its tolerable, and nothing a hefty dollop of post cleansed skin moisturizer will not remedy. I don't mind using this cleanser to switch it up from time to time, and add a different zingy scent to the mix. Its not a must for me though, and I'm not sure I would repurchase, if it comes in a bigger size, or is sold separately from the sampler kit in which I encountered it. I love Burt's more and more with each product I try and love how each product lists the ingredients so proudly- there's nothing to hide. Their eco and animal friendly message is something I try to stick with when it comes to beauty and skincare (although I'm not a saint). I haven't used it enough to notice any skin changes but I might experiment more with that. I wouldn't rely on it to clean off makeup, but I'm sure it would do a great job cleaning up any missed spots after I took my makeup off and cleansed with it- many oils are great for breaking down tough makeup.

Nice consistency, strong fragrance, not a fan of the mineral oil but good for makeup removal

I used to be completely unaware of proper skin care before I took my makeup artistry course at my nearest beauty school. To think, dear Beautylish, I actually washed my extremely dry, sensitive skin with bar soap- GASP! Nowadays I'm into skincare almost as much as beauty, and they work together to create beautiful, healthy skin either way. Of course I've heard of this classic stuff, so one day I splurged on the hefty little tub. The fragrance is very "little old lady", as in strong and heavily perfumed. I am somewhat alright with that. The consistency and color is nice, and I love the packaging and the amount of product you get. For eight bucks its not super cheap, but worth the ten oz. My only qualm with it would be that mineral oil is the second ingredient, after water. I'm still on the fence about that, but mostly because of the feel. I don't want to wear something oily on my face, although I can certainly get away with it, or benefit from it because my face is very dry. It just bummed me out that I didn't look at the ingredients before I bought it (which I ALWAYS do now) and discovered how oily it was. I love the creaminess but the feel is greasy/shiny and has a little drag to it. I like my moisturizers to be water-based and have a smooth application with no drag or pull. I think the mineral oil is to blame. But since it has mineral oil it makes a great moisture packed makeup remover, something I learned online- how makeup artists at runway shows always carry some with them for quick makeup removal. I like to take whats left on the cap and run a q-tip through it- its a perfect way to clean up cat eyes gone messy and clean up eye makeup to make straighter lines, and erase fall-out. I'm pretty sure this tub will last me FOREVER and would make a pretty good moisturizer at bedtime as well as a handy makeup remover.

best out there!

I'm so glad I discovered these makeup removers. Way back when I used baby oil and it made my eyes so bleary afterwards, and it was messy and oily, although the oil broke down the makeup well and it smelled great. Then I caught onto the makeup remover pads phase, with a bad stint from Almay. I forgot how I found these suckers but I love them. They smell so clean and fresh and their cool, moist dampness is very refreshing. You can use one towelette for your whole face, but I usually use one for my foundation and face makeup and another for my eye makeup. They remove everything easily and thoroughly, with a few swipes- no tugging on sensitive eye areas and delicate skin- I'm not anti-wrinkle/anti aging, but I don't want to cause wrinkles by tugging at my skin. As I've mentioned before I have sensitive eyes and I haven't encountered any tearing with this product. If you use more than three wipes, your face might slightly burn/ tingle, but will momentarily subside. There is a subtle residue left over, but I've found that it doesn't cause me any noticeable breakouts (that I'm aware of), so If I'm feeling really lazy and tired I don't wash my face after cleansing with the towelettes. I actually found, because my face is so dry, that my face drinks in any residue left over from the towelette. For my face, any residue instantly gets soaked in like it needs a much needed drink. They are great moisturizing wipes! Oily skins might not work so will with this moistness, however. I am gonna try to get in the habit of not sleeping with my makeup on (gross, I know) and washing and moisturizing right after using them. These are great for my own collection and my beauty kit- I keep a pack for myself and a pack that fits perfectly in my kit bag's zippered pouches. They are also great to quickly cleanse your face, even without makeup.These might be great for cleaning brushes, too, so I'll have to experiment with that. I love the cute packaging but there are a few cons to the product. I like the resealable packaging but once its opened, the "lid" doesn't really stick back down. To remedy this, one could put it in a sandwhich baggie and I usually just tuck the package so the opening is closed, in between other products in my skincare basket next to my sink- although that is only so effective. The other con would be the price. Mine is $7.99. 25 towelettes for 8 bucks is pretty good and these are the best wipes around but if I want to replace my personal wipes AND my kit's wipes thats around 16 bucks, plus whatever tax it happens to be. I wish these were a little cheaper, but I can live with the current price.

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