Dry Skin Cream


Katie M.

I have really dry skin in the winter and it is hard to find something that won't make my face completely break out. One day my mom brought this home for me and I have never used anything else since. This is my go to moisturizer, I have been using it for five years now and my face is clear and soft. I am so happy that I found this I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't this is a lifesaver. I recommend this to people with dry and sensitive skin.

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Crystal C.
dry, peeling winter nose

My nose is always so dry in the cooler weather. I just picked this up a few weeks ago and instantly got my swagger back. I don't have to continuously worry about the embarassing peeling. Luvin' it!

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Holly K.
must have it

I use this every single night. It really helps with dry skin especially during the winter. I put it on before i put on make up which seems to almost prime my skin. and if I've over powdered i rub a little into my hands and press my fingertips to the areas that need it. which gives a really pretty dewy, glowy look to my skin. Another thing that i use this for is to remove my makeup. I had a waterproof mascara that would not come off with any other makeup remover and i used some of this and it took it right off. so this stuff is really really good for many different things.

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Simera H.

This is a really affordable product. I like that it doesn't make your face feel greasy, but since I have really dry skin I don't think it moisturizes my skin. It's a great product for people who have oily skin though.

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Katie J.

I have very dry cheeks due to a prescription acne medication and I was hoping that this would lessen the peeling going on there. It did help with that some but in the process it made the rest of my face a greasy mess. I didn't like the way it looked under makeup either. I could feel it on my face and that's not something I'm comfortable with in a moisturizer. I would only recommend this for people with extremely dry skin and then probably only at night.

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Jenny L.

My grandma swore by this to take makeup off, but when I tried to use it as a moisturizer it was far too heavy for my skin. I had to rewash my face since it felt so oily. The smell is slightly off-putting since it smells like old lady perfume.

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Ashley A.

My skin is naturally pretty oily, but I recently started using a prescription retinoid that has caused me a lot of dry skin grief, especially during the winter. This product has been a lifesaver. It's simple but very effective, and it's cheap! I am very acne prone and have been using this moisturizer for a month with no new breakouts. It's definitely a nighttime-only moisturizer for me because it is so heavy, but it takes care of my flakes and rough skin during the day, so I don't really care if I go to bed with a greasy face. A lot of people have commented about its "old lady" quality, but I actually kind of like that--I feel so retro applying it!

Esmeralda A.
freaken AMAZING

My dad is the one who actually showed me this product... he works in the chemical plants nd got a small burn on his face, his skin is SEVERELY dry nd this lotion definatly helped with tht... but its not jst good for dry skin! i have oily skin nd it works amazing on my skin. it doesnt make me break out nd it leaves my skin feeling so soft! i love this lotion nd the best part is its not even expensive like other moisturizers I've tried ^.^ buy it. try it. love it. its definatly worth it o:

Holly C.

This product is my holy grail when I have dry skin. I usually only use it at night because it is pretty heavy and I have oily skin but when I wake up my skin is refreshed and soft. I highly recommend buying this product...not even to mention that it's only about 3-5 dollars.

Heather O.

I got this for camp bc of the dry weather & break outs. This is amazing. I used it the whole time!!! 👌 It helps skin so much, it is not greasy (I am combo) and it is not super heavy ! ! !