Baby Lips Lip Balm


Harmony G.

I love Baby Lips lip balm! I like how they have a small tint to them and are pretty moisturizing I give it a four out of five because the color doesn't stay on as long as the packaging says it will but other than that I really enjoy this product and is defiantly my go to lip balm on the go!

Eugenia H.
Love Love Love!
Photo of product included with review by Eugenia H.

These are amazing! They moisturize wonderfully! They also give you a nice tint, so that's a huge plus. I am trying to collect all of them! The outside/packaging is super cute and portable. My favorite is probably Dr. Rescue because it really helps with the dryness and t gives out a nice tint!

Les N.
way too overrated like eos.

these lip balms are so overrated, they feel so waxy it is disgusting. they have no hydration or moisturize my lips. I don't recommend this product to anyone unless you like wax on your lips.

Karen R.

Just got this product a few days ago and I can't get enough of it! It gives my lips a nice shade of color which I love while keeping them feeling soft and pretty

Kimberly C.
Great Product

I love these lip balms! They are so refreshing and also add life to your lips! I have one in Mixed Berry and one in Pink Shock. Mixed Berry gradually gets darker and more pigmented as you wear it, and Pink Shock is FULL of colour straight away! Both good colours.

Alice L.

It honestly a good lip balm but like every other Lip balm it really depends on your lips.... This works well.... When I apply keep moisture for a couple hours then it dry, apply again...

Kaitlin W.
It's great!!

I like this product a lot defenatly for summer because it has SPF 20 I have a sheer one 05 Quenched its the blue one it's probley one you can find anywhere, here where I live they can be a little expensive 5.00 CAN dollars it gives your lips a pretty gloss too If you want to try it I say go for it

Jessie H.
Awesome product but..

I have almost every flavour of the babylips, and first things first they smell AMAZING! Each balm has a tint of colour which is great for every day use. I love 'cherry me' and the peach one (I think it's called peach kiss?) and I love the glitter shine in the peach and the red sheer end result of cherry me, the only thing I would fault with baby lips is that they claim to stay on for 6-8 hours, when in fact they really don't last long at all! I found the peach lasts slightly longer than the rest as it is not as pigmented, but again no lipbalm is capable to last that long with what we all do throughout the day. Love the product though, would for sure recommend!

Bella G.

So this is a good product, but it really doesn't moisturize. It gives your lips a really pretty color, but it dries up your lips. It doesn't dry them as much as other lipsticks, but it still dries them up.

Chiara L.
Love em

Very good smooth and gives my lips a nice little shimmer or if I have a darker colored one a little bit of color lip change I would recommend this to anyone that has dry lips or they just wants to have that little color to there lips