6 Piece Brush Set


Taylor T.
Not overly impressed

I bought this set because i needed a new brush set & just wanted something cheap and that's what I got. The Bristles in the brush keep falling out and the metal part is wall wiggly and not glued very well, but they are a nice for a cheap set of brushes.

Alexa M.
Great set for everyday use!

I frequently use the face brush to apply powder on my t-zone. It's so soft and evenly applies product. I use the angled liner brush everyday to fill in my eyebrows, and it's just perfect for that. The bristles aren't too long or loose. My eyebrows are filled so on point! The concealer brush is great for blending product under they eyes or on blemishes. The eye shadow brush is not so great because of the stiffness of the hairs, but it's okay for blending. The brow/lash comb is great, too; a little over-sized. Overall, a great set for a descent price!!

Arlene T.
Best Drugstore Brushes

These brushes are wonderful!! I've had my set of brushes (along with the shadow collection brushes from Ecotools) for about two years now and I'm extremely impressed with the quality of these brushes. The hair is really smooth and they do an awesome job at blending well into my skin. If you don't have enough money to get professional department store brushes then don't hesitate to buy these because they are just a little short of being of the same quality as professional brushes. You won't be disappointed if you get these :)

Riley M.

Bought these at Walmart for $15.00 and I LOVE them! They are super soft, and they last a long time. They are super easy to clean, and they come in a great travel case if your going anywhere! I would totally recommend these brushes to anyone!

Julianne J.
1st set of brushes as a beginner

I purchased this set at Rite Aid at least 2 or 3 years ago, when I was really getting into makeup. I had no idea how awesome these brushes were and how I would still reach for them even after acquiring many other brushes from different brands. I love the softness of the brushes, their durability, are easy to take care of/maintain/wash, are made of recycled material and are synthetic hair-taklon, so completely cruelty-free. I feel I'm not compromising anything about these brushes by their being eco-friendly. If anything I am gaining! I love the eyeshadow brush because it is soft and almost looks like real hair. Its the perfect brush to pack on color all over the lid, and for blending shadows. The blush brush is great, although I prefer others. The dark colored brush, I use as a crease definer shadow brush- although it could be used for concealer/multi-use because of its stiffness. I think it fits so well in the crease and when you want to carve out pretty precise lines. Its also great for a sweep/wash of color on the lids in a pinch. I LOVE the angled liner brush. Its perfect for lining eyes with damp shadow for a one of a kid eyeliner. Its great for cream liners and brows too, which I need to experiment more with. Its soft and has give, but is still firm- however, store this brush carefully because the bristles are soft enough to get a little bent/out of shape. The brow/lash comb is fine, although I don't use it often. All in all, one of my fave. EcoTools brush sets- and now I have others!

Kellyn D.

also bought this set today-loveeeee. come with a cute pouch, making it easy to carry around, soft bristles, all over amazing :) very good for beginners, me being one myself! go buy it, its cheap, worth every penny, and easy to find!

Rina N.

This was my first-ever set of brushes that I have ever bought. There are amazing! All of them are super soft. They are easy to wash with brush shampoo or to spot clean. They capture products well. The price is around $10, I believe so. But for the quality I would definitely recommend!

Christina L.
Best drug store brushes!

I am in love with Eco Tool brushes and plan on buying much more! I have had mine for about 5 months now, and they still feel soft and work just as well as they did when I bought them. So far, I have seen no shedding. They're dense and particularly, the "highlight" and "blending" brushes are my favorites! They blend like I have never seen before. Two thumbs up!

Taylor V.
One of the Best
Photo of product included with review by Taylor V.

TAKE MY WORD FOR IT... if you are broke or low in cash and want great brushes... get the entire set... they are the best I've ever use... and I've use many in my career. The cost, the quality and durability. CVS, Walgreens, Walmart....where ever you go, pick one each time...cause you must own them all.

Snarky Princes s.

Affordable, easy to use, easy to clean... This is a great little tool kit! The brushes are very dense and pick up color easily, and the eyeliner brush is my favorite! They're also the softest brushes in my collection to date.

Being eco-friendly is also a huge plus for me!