Beauty Product Reviews

Nice blend of floral and fruity.

I don't usually wear perfume, but when I do I prefer scents that are more fruit-based than floral. My fiance bought this one for me for Christmas a few years ago and I really enjoy it! The smell is feminine without being cloyingly sweet. The bottle is adorable, and I have actually worn the toppers as rings. My only gripe is that the scent doesn't last very long once applied.

Applies like butter, smooth and dreamy.

I love these eyeshadows! They are smooth and buttery, richly pigmented, and there are a large variety of shades and finishes. I use a primer and base, and the shadows last all day without fading, smudging, or creasing. Couldn't be happier!


I lost most of my eyebrow in an unfortunate incident with liquid latex, and it has taken a looooong time to fill back in. I use this pencil to fix the missing spot and to make my brows more defined and crisp. As a matter of preference I fill them in with powder after using this pencil, but it isn't necessary if you like a lighter look.

The pencil is smooth and easy to use, and the attached brush is handy. I find that it works best if you keep the pencil sharpened. The color "Hazel" is great for those with medium brown eyebrows with no red tones.

Oompa Loompa nightmare.

My mother bought this for herself and didn't like the formula (she has oily skin) so she gave it to me (I have dry skin). Oh what a horrible horrible product. The product was a thick goop that was difficult to apply evenly, felt greasy (as opposed to emollient), and promptly turned orange. I am quite pale, and I didn't have much confidence that a product with only three shades would match, but I didn't think it would be as bad as it was.

There is no saving this thing; just an awful product.

Smooth and soft!

Lovely lipstick! The product is smooth and creamy, and goes on opaque and even. The finish is semi-matte. I usually use a sheer gloss on top because I tend to have dry lips, but it isn't necessary. However, this shade is not quite nude on my paler-than-death skin-- it is rather a lovely tan-toned orange (or orange-toned tan, I suppose).

Revlon, you're killing me!

Absolutely useless. All three are so sheer, they don't show up at all. I tried everything to build up any color at all from both the blush and the contour, and all I got was an uneven, patchy streak that wouldn't blend. Utter failure. Texture is chalky and application is pathetic.

No pigment at all!

Despite using a primer and base, I couldn't get these to show up at all! They felt silky and smooth in the pan, but texture doesn't amount to much if you can't even see it! I suppose it would be fine as a highlight, but with every color being so incredibly sheer it is pretty much useless as actual eyeshadow.

Great for fixing bad habits!

I have a bad habit of sleeping in my makeup (I am sloth incarnate, I swear) and that sometimes results in a few stray blemishes. I picked up this product in a little tub at Sally Beauty, and I am glad I did. I don't usually like mint or clay masks, but I love this one. I leave it on for about ten minutes and it leaves my skin clean and glowing! I also enjoy the smell, oddly enough.

However, because my skin is SUPER dry, I always have to follow this mask with a heavy duty moisturizer. If I don't, I end up cracking like the Sahara Desert. Be careful if you tend to have dryness, as this mask will make it a thousand times worse.

Difficult to use.

I've never been a fan of liquid liner just because I don't have the patience for it, but this one proved to be one of the more difficult products. The formula is extremely thin and watery, and it takes several passes to make an opaque line. When dry, it gets hard and feels almost like a sticker, and eventually flakes. The metallic ones in particular are the worst for breaking and flaking.

The finished application isn't smooth, and the roughn texture is emphasized by the metallic finish or the glitter (depending on color). Pass on this one.


I love this marker! I am a fiend for a dramatic cat eye or winged liner, and I am tired of fiddling with liquid and gel. I saw this one at Target and picked it up, and boy am I glad I did! The marker is thin and easy to use, applies evenly and smoothly, and the color is opaque. The formula dries quickly and doesn't budge! I've worn it through pouring rain, crying bouts, hours of wear... Never fades, cracks, or smudges! Truly a marvelous eyeliner.

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