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BB Cream 9 in 1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup


Hannah T.
Awesome Drugstore BB!!!

For a drugstore BB cream, coming in at only $7, this cream is a miracle worker! I was interested in some more expensive BB creams, but I figured I could try a cheaper one first. AND I AM IN LOVE!!! This cream feels really light on my skin. The consistency is somewhere between a gel and a whipped foundation. It covers most skin imperfections, and when paired with just a small bit of concealer it covers almost like foundation. The only downsides I've found is that my skin is slightly oily, and this product does not produce a matte finish, so I have to layer powder over a few areas like my T-zone to keep my face from looking greasy. But that's really not a big deal.

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Anna B.

I really like this BB cream. I have never tried one before so it was a good first one to try. I do understand though that people have said it hard to blend. Which it is it dries so quickly. But I don't really have a problem with that. I love it!!!

Gianna G.
What an amazing product

This is a very great, useful product. This is a good product to use when you're in a rush and don't have enough time or just don't feel like putting a whole set of makeup on. It has a very natural look to it. I use it all the time and usually people would put it on blemishes but I put it on my whole face. Because of this product I don't go out and but concealer or foundation or primer because this product has it all and more (hence the 9 in 1). I definitely recommend this product to everyone. It is great and you WONT be disappointed.

Olivia  D.

I love this bb cream because it has really good coverage especially for a bb cream. Also, it is very creamy, easy to apply and I use this like everyday with my stay matte powder and it makes my skin look great

Nicole M.

the BEST multi purpose makeup ive ever used. picked it up on a whim one day (it was seriously cheap!) Im so pale I was worried but I fell in love. so creamy and smooth it covers amazingly. It really is a miracle to have in your makeup bag. no complaints at all.

Jessica M.
Best coverage of any drugstore bb cream

This bb cream is so creamy and has amazing coverage. I bought this after watching Emilynoel83's review on YouTube and I'm truly happy with it. Combined with the stay matte powder, it does wonders. And my skin looks better since I've started using it. And the best was buying it on sale for approximately 3.29. I highly recommend this product.

Alexandra S.
My favourite bb cream

i love this bb cream it is perfect. it is light and moisturizing makes my skin feel fresh. it does so much it primes, conceals, smooths brightens, covers, mattifies, and minimizes pores. it is affordable and i keep going back to get more when i run out!!!

Brooke R.
Loving it!

Really loving this bb cream at the moment. Goes on smoothly and is very creamy- I love the texture! It has the perfect amount of coverage that leaves my skin looking smooth and even yet natural. I have oily skin and I've found that using this with the rimmel stay matte powder controls my oil throughout the entire 8 hour school day. I used to wear foundation but haven't been able to put this down after purchasing it.

Margherita  M.

For how much it costed it was amazing! Worked so well and even better the I expected. Compered to other bb creams of this price it was great. I only give it four stars because it does not work well on oily skin. I normally have dry skin and really liked it and I recommend it to my friend, but she has really oily skin and It did not work on her. Depending on what skin type you have it might work well or might be horrible

Felicia H.

I loveee this! Nice even coverage that isn't too thick and it works out nicely with a light matte powder without making me look like I have a cake face. One of the best I've used so far!