Asania A.
My favorite

This product last so long and is wonderful to wear anytime !! I wear this shadow with everything whether I'm going out or just having a regular day at school.

Emily W.
Applies like butter, smooth and dreamy.

I love these eyeshadows! They are smooth and buttery, richly pigmented, and there are a large variety of shades and finishes. I use a primer and base, and the shadows last all day without fading, smudging, or creasing. Couldn't be happier!

Dawn C.
Wide range of colors, very good quality.

I've been using Ulta shadows for a couple of years now and can't belive that I haven't review them yet. I have several shades, with many favorites. Cafe Ole is a perfect everyday lid color for me. It has the slightest sheen and a strong warm undertone that works great with my complexion.

Most of my Ulta shadows and very highly pigmented (Sapphire and Rockstar come to mind from my collection) but you really do need to swatch them at the store as a few I've bought online do not have a very good color payoff. They do blend quite easily and last a very long time with a primer underneath.

For the most part however you are getting a very high quality product at crazy, low price. They are on sale literally every other week!!! The size is quite generous and depot with little effort if you want to create a palette with the colors.

Shelley W.
Stay Put Shade

I was on the fence on whether to try out the Ulta line of shadows but they were having sale one day so I decided to give it a go. The colors are rich and vibrant and the staying power even without primer is great. I experienced very little fallout and its great at blending.

Kiki P.
go to everyday color

i can only speak for the shade "yogurt" but i love it. I do have to use a primer and pack on the color a bit but the e/s itself is super smooth not too powder-yyy and helps blend other shades. Seems like alot of product this e/s is going to last me a long time. Got it through the Ulta rewards program for free so i figured it was a great way to try it out and Im glad i did!

Katie f.
I love it

Im gona make a makeup look with this its such a pretty Tiffany Blue. I cant wait to film it. The color is amazing its aplcation is cool and the cooliest part for $8 its really pigmented. Im gona buy more but sadly the changed ALL there colors

Staci M.

I really like Ulta shadows! I have them in tons of colors and they definitely offer a lot of different colors! I find that as far as pigmentation and lasting power, they stand up to my more expensive shadows much better than Coastal Scents or NYX shadows do and even though this are priced a little more, you can get them on great specials a lot of time. Favorite colors include Mint, Pearl, Aztec Gold, Deep Sea, and Luna.

Dani C.

I really like these. There is a nice color range and they are usually on sale so that's a plus. They are quite pigmented and last a long time.. Little fallout and blends easily. Wish they came in a palette, but love the mix and match.

Delaney M.
Good Product!

I got this eyeshadow as a free gift for signing up for Club Ulta, and I was pleased with it overall! It's pretty pigmented and I great neutral color to have. I'm only 13 so my family prefers me to have toned down colors, and this is a great color to have for tweens/teens!(:

Vik A.
Every color you could want!

The pans are huge, the color selection is large and quite varied, and when the brand is on sale, you can really stock up! This is one of the few eye shadows that I've come across that blends easily, doesn't crease, and lasts for HOURS (even with oily eyelids)!