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BB Cream 9 in 1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup

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Margherita  M.

For how much it costed it was amazing! Worked so well and even better the I expected. Compered to other bb creams of this price it was great. I only give it four stars because it does not work well on oily skin. I normally have dry skin and really liked it and I recommend it to my friend, but she has really oily skin and It did not work on her. Depending on what skin type you have it might work well or might be horrible

Anna B.

I really like this BB cream. I have never tried one before so it was a good first one to try. I do understand though that people have said it hard to blend. Which it is it dries so quickly. But I don't really have a problem with that. I love it!!!

Emily W.
Oompa Loompa nightmare.

My mother bought this for herself and didn't like the formula (she has oily skin) so she gave it to me (I have dry skin). Oh what a horrible horrible product. The product was a thick goop that was difficult to apply evenly, felt greasy (as opposed to emollient), and promptly turned orange. I am quite pale, and I didn't have much confidence that a product with only three shades would match, but I didn't think it would be as bad as it was.

There is no saving this thing; just an awful product.

Candace S.

Don't waste your money! It was orange and cakey. And thick I had a hard time blending this pudding like creme. It didn't feel like a BB creme it felt more like a pancake like foundation and was drying.

Julianne J.
Not happy with my first try.

I was so stoked to get this awhile back, but wasn't pleased with the first try. My face looked greasy and orange, with a definite line of demarcation between my neck and face. My neck/chest looked pretty pale, and my face, a tad orange. I noticed this especially in photos with natural light. I have plenty of other makeup products to play with and didn't feel like wasting time to make it work. I don't believe this was too expensive, but it was a let down, nonetheless. I LOVE Rimmel London products so I was a little bummed, but not really upset about it. It doesn't change how I feel about their other fantastic products.

Caitriona H.
Don't waste your money.

I hated this! It was really cakey yet did not give much coverage. It had no staying power, half of it would be gone after only a few hours. The shade selection is terrible, only three shades and the lightest was very dark on me. Very disappointed and not only will I not be repurchasing but I'll be throwing the one I have in the bin.

Felicia H.

I loveee this! Nice even coverage that isn't too thick and it works out nicely with a light matte powder without making me look like I have a cake face. One of the best I've used so far!

Brooke R.
Loving it!

Really loving this bb cream at the moment. Goes on smoothly and is very creamy- I love the texture! It has the perfect amount of coverage that leaves my skin looking smooth and even yet natural. I have oily skin and I've found that using this with the rimmel stay matte powder controls my oil throughout the entire 8 hour school day. I used to wear foundation but haven't been able to put this down after purchasing it.

Olivia  D.

I love this bb cream because it has really good coverage especially for a bb cream. Also, it is very creamy, easy to apply and I use this like everyday with my stay matte powder and it makes my skin look great

Taylor M.
Skip It

Not a good shade selection, super cakey. For me, BB creams are supposed to be weightless, natural looking, and give me a good coverage. All this did was cake up and cling to dry patches and "creased" by my oily parts. just no.