Queen Helene

Mint Julep Mask


Amanda B.
love it!

I've used this for over 20 years, and it's never let me down! I used to use the other ones too, but can't find those anymore. This was always my favorite; excellent for sensitive skin. Green color, minty smell, but washes cleanly away.

Komal D.
Summer Coolant

I'm a girl from Texas, meaning summers are ridiculously hot. As such, I try to do things that will keep my cool. This mask is definitely one of them. From the moment the mask gets on my face, I feel the nice chill and soothing cool that really diminishes the Texas heat. I don't have much acne anymore, but I still use the mask as a great way to freshen my face and take out all the toxins that make be lurking on and under my skin. The great thing about this mask is that you can use it anytime, anywhere, and however much you really need. Some days, especially when my face is feeling grimy, I will cover my entire face and let the mask sit for a while. Other days, its just the area around my nose that gets oily, so I will only apply there. No matter what you use it for, the mask is not only convenient to use, but it actually works. I would be very careful about using hot water to clean the mask off though. Warm is about the max, but the hotter the water, the drier my skin feels. I try to make sure the water is just above lukewarm since I have had the best results with that. It is a good temperature to where I don't dread having my face splashed with too much cold, but I also don't have to risk my skin feeling dry afterwards. Another thing is to not put on too much. You only need a thin layer on your face. There is no need to cake the mask one, otherwise you are just wasting product. This a product that gives you more bang for the buck and I have gotten so many friends hooked to it. This one really does work!

Melanie C.
Great results for a cheap price!

I'll be honest, I haven't used this product in some years but it was a true bathroom staple for me in high school and throughout college. It does the job and for a low low price that cannot be beat. When I had a breakout, this was the first mask I would reach for and the blemishes also went down in size and any redness was zapped. If I had a stand alone zit, would I grab for an acne treatment? Heck no, I would grab this mask, dab it on and sleep it overnight. Who cares that I got green flakes all over my pillowcase?? In the mornings, the zit was always reduced and almost completely gone. The tingly feeling was always great because you knew it was working and you could even see the gunk around the pores around my nose when the mask dried. Probably thinking I should go buy a new tube now...

Lyndsie  T.

I feel sallys has this In a tub for a decent price I use if I want a nice monday mask cheap and gets many uses out of one tube already repurchased best applied with fan brush dries evenly all over face feel mask get tight and skin feeling smooth after taking off with a nice cool rag

Emily W.
Great for fixing bad habits!

I have a bad habit of sleeping in my makeup (I am sloth incarnate, I swear) and that sometimes results in a few stray blemishes. I picked up this product in a little tub at Sally Beauty, and I am glad I did. I don't usually like mint or clay masks, but I love this one. I leave it on for about ten minutes and it leaves my skin clean and glowing! I also enjoy the smell, oddly enough.

However, because my skin is SUPER dry, I always have to follow this mask with a heavy duty moisturizer. If I don't, I end up cracking like the Sahara Desert. Be careful if you tend to have dryness, as this mask will make it a thousand times worse.

Jaime L.
amazing mask for acne

this mask is so amazing for girls like me. I have big acne and don't have a lot of time to treat it. one time use and see results. and this is the best mask I've ever used for acne. I switch from product to product until I discovered this. and it is only $4 very affordable.

Emma K.

this mask dramatically reduced the size and number of small and large pimples on my forehead! after 1 use! it makes my face feel kind of tight after, but a moistureizer fixes that. definitely great for only 3 dollars!

Rachelle-Denise  M.
A Must Have!

I am in love with this masque! It not only has a cool peppermint smell which helps de-stress and calm me as it drys but it really does get down into my pores and drys up whatever pimples that may be trying to appear. I normally use this once a week just to be cautious to not dry out my skin. I have had this product for quite some time because I don't have to use a lot to get the best result. Amazing product!

Kendyll G.
Super refreshing

Love this mask especially when I'm having some trouble with blemishes and dull skin. It tingles but doesn't burn and makes my skin look brighter. It's super affordable and cheap- you can find it anywhere

Cecille P.

Ive tried tons of masks and so far, this is my HG! love the clean and smooth feeling that i get after using this. I also use it as spot treatment overnight and it works, not the same as BP, but its does help a little :) i would love to try Aztec also, but this will do for now :)