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Works wonders!

I've been using this for years for my dry skin and rough hands and feet and it really works wonders! It came as no surprise when I got my first tattoo that my artist recommended Aquaphor to help my tattoo stay moisturized while it healed. Now I use it to keep my skin fresh and hydrated. Wonderful product that never disappoints!

They're only a buck, why not.

I love the variety of colors and the included striping brush. The formula starts out nice but quickly turns goopy and thick. I was able to revive them a couple of times with nailpolish remover to thin them, but eventually I had to throw them out. I got pretty decent use out of them though, so worth the price. I kept the brushes to use as nail art brushes with my other polishes.

Nice selection of colors!

I saw these right after they rolled out at the F21 in my area and found a color that I had never seen before anywhere else (a sort of bronze/purple/burgundy holographic that looked stunning in the bottle). The polish applied smoothly and was opaque in two coats without being streaky. Average dry time. Color was a little darker on the nail than in the bottle, but still a gorgeous vampy color that I adore. Will definitely pick up more colors next time I go shopping!

Not at all what I wanted.

I heard good things about this mascara and the unique fiber-building aspect of the product. Unfortunately, it only talked the talk and didn't walk the walk. The white fiber side was strange and didn't apply evenly or in any orderly fashion to my lashes, creating strange white stumps. The mascara comes out gloopy and thick on the brush, and is very hard to apply without massive clumping. I ended up with crazy spider lashes no matter what technique I tried! I threw both products away, cleaned the spoolies, and now I use the brushes to groom my eyebrows. Not at all what I intended when I bought the product.

My holy grail!

I have tried a LOT of mascaras, and I keep coming back to this one! No matter what, I always get long, thick, BLACK lashes that don't clump, bunch together, flake, or whathaveyou. I love the plastic/rubber brush, it really grabs the lashes and spreads the mascara on much more cleanly than regular bristles. The formula stays put no matter what you throw at it: tears, rain, water, soap, makeup remover... That may not be a great thing, depending on how you look at it. Overall, a fantastic mascara!

Smooth and silky, for a while!

Up until recently this was my go-to foundation. I have a skin condition that makes my skin extremely dry and flaky, and this foundation worked very well to hide that--at least for a couple of hours. After that, my skin would turn into the Sahara Desert. I loved how smooth this felt going on and how lightweight it felt on the skin. I think the colors were a pretty good match for me, but they do run on the pink side. Otherwise, it was a great formula that just didn't work so well for me personally.

So useful!

I love these! I own almost every color and use them as bases for my eyeshadows to make my shadows really stick and pop! I love how I can change the colors of my eyeshadows by using different colored Jumbo Pencils underneath-- Milk makes my colors bold and bright, Black Bean makes them sultry and smokey, etc. I also use them when doing costume makeup--Pots and Pans made an excellent silver base for my Terminator look! The only cons I have for these are that they will crease significantly if you don't use a primer underneath. Other than that, they last all day and make your eyeshadows really stand out!

A quick tip: Ulta sells a sharpener that works excellently for them.

Fantastic! Best I've tried!

I have a skin condition that causes my skin to become very dry and flaky no matter what moisturizer I use (I use prescriptions now but my skin still has issues). This is the first foundation I have tried where it doesn't turn my face into the Sahara Desert after more than fifteen minutes of wear! In fact, my face stays flawless all day long--even after a long day at work being blasted by steam dishwashers, hot coffee, and general sweaty ickiness. I was able to match my skin tone and it doesn't oxidize, so double win on that front! The only cons are as follows: it never truly "sets" (it will feel tacky several hours after application, but powder can help), and the smell is a little strange and lingers for a long time. So far, I think this is my holy grail foundation!

Shiny, but flakes and chips galore!

I love how fast this dries, how shiny it is, and (oddly enough) the smell. Unfortunately this top coat is one of the worst I've ever tried in terms of chipping, yellowing, and peeling. Within a couple hours of finishing my manicure, the entire topcoat will peel off of the nail in one piece! Or, if I manage to keep it on longer than that, the manicure will start chipping the next day. For the price, this was a complete waste. Huge disappointment

Super pigmented!

This lipstick is very bright and lasts for a long time without feeling waxy or drying. The price is phenomenal for the quality of the product. A huge improvement from the Wet'n'Wild of the 1990s.

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