12 Hour Eyeshadow Quad

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Emily W.
No pigment at all!

Despite using a primer and base, I couldn't get these to show up at all! They felt silky and smooth in the pan, but texture doesn't amount to much if you can't even see it! I suppose it would be fine as a highlight, but with every color being so incredibly sheer it is pretty much useless as actual eyeshadow.

Mercedes D.

For some reason or another, the quad I bought isn't on here. It's called 'Sunrise, Sunset', and it includes a pastel orange, gold, blue-violet and plum. It's probably my favourite of all of the quads because the colours remind me of summer. For eyeshadows, I'd consider them to be 'normal'.

Carline C.

i love this , the brown is like a copper to my skin and the highlight is amazing ,i got this from my friend but i looks great on women of color HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and it really stay on long, its really hard to take off for me so i would recomend a makeup remover

Jolani J.

These eyeshadows would be great for a very subtle natural look, they aren't very pigmented. But as for the 12 hours... 4- 5 hours with no primer and 6-8 with primer (i have oily eyelids)

Darilynn T.

For the price, you can't beat these creamy powder shadows. But 12 hours? That's pushing it, I'd say 10 maybe. Some matter colors would be nice, or even single colors!

Caitlin F.

These eyeshadows are pigmented, smooth, and have a good lasting time. I really this particular one because it has all my essential shades I need for a natural look. What I don't like about the shadows is the one matte shade. I think there should be two matte's and two shimmery shades, just for some balance, but that's just me. Overall, it's a fairly good product!

Julia N.
NO pigmentation!!!

Now, I have a color selection from a few years ago that is no longer available, but I know the quality has not changed in these shadows. They have NO pigmentation at all! I use eyeshadow primer and even a white base under them, and they still all show up as a faded, dusty color. Very disappointing and not recommended.

Dawn M.

The colors aren't extremely pigmented or bright, but they do apply and blend nicely. It's great for a natural look. Can't remember which palette I have though. I would recommend this though =)

Sabrina R.
Won't repurchase

I loved the colour rage with the eyeshadow quads so I bought two to see how well I liked it. Never going to do that again. Even with primer the shades were way too light. I like having the colours stand out, but with this I could barely see it at times. The charcoal/black in the quad I bought looked incredibly smudged out even when I packed it on my lid. I wanted to love this product but it really fell flat.

Stacy N.

I am in love with this palette! Very pigmented and pretty colors! I have ran out of the bottom two colors as those are my most favorite colors to wear. The top two I use as highlighters, so I still have a whole lot of those. But a great little palette!