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  • Top 3 Prettiest New Eye Shadows

    Top 3 Prettiest New Eye Shadows

    Need to spice up your eyes? Sometimes the same old shadow can get a little boring, so we picked out the Top 3 new eye shadows you should add to your beauty bag.

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  • 3 Must-Have Green Polishes
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    3 Must-Have Green Polishes

    While citrus shades of yellow and orange stole the show this summer, another color is coming up on the lacquered horizon: green! Check out three of this season's most verdant shades.

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  • Best Body Oils

    Best Body Oils

    Body oils are a beautiful and luxurious way to look after your skin, and ensure that it is moisturized as well as smelling divine. Come fall, it pays to start using a body oil every evening after you shower.

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  • Need to Wake Up?

    Need to Wake Up?

    With the world moving at a faster pace almost every day, it doesn't pay to look tired when you wake up in the morning! Luckily, there are certain beauty products that can help energize your face and body.

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  • Best Botox-Free Alternatives

    Best Botox-Free Alternatives

    Looking to erase your wrinkles without subjecting yourself to needles or knives? Don't worry, Botox and face lifts aren't the only treatments that can turn back time. Here are Beautylish's Top 3 picks for fighting fine lines, from skin care to makeup.

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  • Prettiest Makeup Compacts
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    Prettiest Makeup Compacts

    Every girl needs something special on her dresser. These gorgeous compacts and products not only look beautiful but will make you feel like a princess too.

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  • Beauty Time-Savers

    Beauty Time-Savers

    Who doesn't need a little extra help in the morning? These time-saving beauty products will help shave off precious minutes in your morning glam routine to get you out the door even faster.

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  • Do You Need Eye Cream?

    Do You Need Eye Cream?

    Worried about aging too early? We spoke to New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross about when's the right time to start using eye cream. Keep reading to find out.

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  • De-Clutter Your Makeup Products!

    De-Clutter Your Makeup Products!

    Two is better than one: Double duty products save room in your beauty collection and your handbag. Don't walk around with tons of makeup that will weigh you down, try these two-in-ones instead!

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  • Cute Makeup Bags

    Cute Makeup Bags

    Looking for something cute to store your makeup in? Sometimes it can be hard to find something just right. We did the research and found three gorgeous options.

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  • Best Summer Frizz-Fighters
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    Best Summer Frizz-Fighters

    A heat wave one day can transform into thunder, tornados, and lots of rainfall. Add city pollution added to that mix? It's a weather disaster for your hair! Discover three products that calm your frizz before the storm hits.

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  • The Best Liquid Bronzers for Summer

    The Best Liquid Bronzers for Summer

    Want the perfect summer glow? Liquid bronzers give you a dewy, fresh glow and blend into your skin so you don't have to reapply three times a day like a bronzing powder. Here are our favorite products for face and body.

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  • Time to Exfoliate!
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    Time to Exfoliate!

    Are you exfoliating on a regular basis? It's often a step we forget, but scrubbing off those dead skin cells is vital to maintaining bright, clear and healthy skin. Beautylish picks the Top 3 products to get you started.

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  • The Best Cream Eye Shadows

    The Best Cream Eye Shadows

    Cream eye shadows are a great way to achieve a light dewy shimmer or wash of color in the summer months. Keep reading for Beautylish's Top 3 favorite formulas.

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  • All Natural Headache Soothers
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    All Natural Headache Soothers

    Headaches ruining your day? Don't let them! Try these all-natural headache soothers to help ease the pain.

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  • Best Waterproof Mascaras

    Best Waterproof Mascaras

    Keep your lashes perfect this summer (even at the beach!) with our pick of the top 3 waterproof mascaras.

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  • Top 3 Summer Lip Products
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    Top 3 Summer Lip Products

    Your lips can get extra dry during the summer months, which makes them more prone to wrinkles and peeling. Keep your lips protected from sun damage and aging with Beautylish's top 3 antioxidant-packed lip products

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  • Prolong Your Summer Tan!

    Prolong Your Summer Tan!

    Want to prolong your summer tan? Here are three products to apply after tanning that will help you maintain that summer glow!

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  • How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

    How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

    Do you wake up in the morning to discover big puffy eyes and dark circles? Banish them with easy to use de-puffers that use roller ball applicators.

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  • Keep Your Hands Clean This Summer

    Keep Your Hands Clean This Summer

    Beauties, did you know that your hands contain more germs than your boyfriend's? Just think of all that makeup you apply after riding the subway. Beautylish's top 3 hand sanitizers will keep you fresh!

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