Natural Bug Repellants That Really Work


Ever find yourself outside at a barbecue, summer picnic or outdoor restaurant with pesky mosquitoes hanging around? Beauties, we hate it too! The solution? A natural, eco-friendly bug repellant that you can simply stash in your purse and spray around you to ward off those nasty critters. We prefer natural formulas because you aren't putting harmful chemicals on your skin. Instead of DEET (a toxic compound found in standard repellents), natural formulations use herbs and essential oils to keep bugs at bay. And they really work! Here are our top three picks of the best natural bug repellants. 

Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Bug Repellant Serum & Perfume Spray

This ingenious formula not only comes in a pretty bottle but is filled with top notes of geranium, peppermint and lemongrass so it doesn't smell like your typical insect spray! Also, all ingredients are certified organic. Use it with the Organic Perfume Spray for optimal aromatic benefits. 

2 Badger Anti Bug Balm

Stored in a cute tin for easy packing, this balm is 100% USDA Certified Organic and contains essential oils like cedar and lemongrass to repel insects. It can easily be applied to any area of your body and the balm formula ensures that only a light scent is released. 

3 Real Earth Bug-Away Spray

Made with nine essential oils, this 100% organic spray is sweat- and water-resistant, which means it won't run off on those warm summer days. It's also safe for your pets!

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