The Best Cream Eye Shadows


Creamy eye shadows are a great way to play with shimmer and color in the summertime. The cream formula allows for easy blending and can applied with your fingers, so it's almost as if you're supposed to mess it up! We also love how a light application of cream shadow can open up the eyes and add just the right amount of casual definition in the summer.

Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow

This shimmery shadow goes on as easily as a lip gloss and allows for plenty of blending time before it sets on your skin. The wand applicator gives you extra control and is especially handy if you're applying your makeup in a hurry.

NARS Duo Cream Shadow

NARS' dedication to color ensures that the two most compatible shades are matched together, just to make it easy for you. Setting cream shadow with powder will help it stay in place if you have oilier skin.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Gleam Cream Shadow

Bright colored eye shadow can seem daunting to some, but a creamy formula makes it easier to experiment. Just remember to wash your hands before applying!

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