Best Summer Frizz-Fighters


A heat wave one day can transform into thunder, tornados, and lots of rainfall. Add city pollution added to that mix? It's a weather disaster for your hair! Discover three products that calm your frizz before the storm hits.

Deva Curl Set It Free Moisture Spray

This gentle and fantastic smelling spray gives hair an extra boost of shine and frizz-fighting moisture. Spray from the ends and avoid the roots. 

Living Proof Wave Curl Styling Cream

For the most unruly hair, you need heavy duty—this is where Living Proof comes in. This MIT-researched line is scientifically backed to reduce frizz and shape curls.

TRESemmé Climate Control Mousse

For those with thinner hair, it's best to choose a volumizing mousse that fights the frizz. Apply TRESemmé's Climate Control mousse generously at the roots before you blow-dry, and you'll notice smoother and sleeker hair throughout the day.

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