Prolong Your Summer Tan!


Achieving a beautiful tan (through careful application of SPF of course) always makes you feel more confident and summer ready. But did you know that there are products you can apply to make your glow last longer? We've chosen three products to apply after you get home from the beach to help extend your tan. 

1  Banana Boat Moisturizing After Sun Lotion with Aloe

An after sun lotion containing aloe not only provides the moisture that your skin needs to lock in a tan and repair itself, but the aloe provides a soothing, cooling feeling on your skin. 

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess After-Sun Moisture Tan Enhancer for Body

This rich tan-enhancing cream is infused with aloe butter and apricot nectar to relieve dry skin and jasmine and narcissus flowers for a light floral scent. It dries rapidly to instantly deliver moisture and help lock in a golden tan. 

3  Clarins After Sun Moisturizing Self Tanning

Rich in natural plant extracts like sunflower seed to soothe red and overheated skin this intense moisturizer contains a small amount of fake tanner to further enhance a natural glow. Vitamin E boosts skin cell renewal (to fight sun damage) and fresh notes of jasmine and violet ensure that you smell beautiful after application. 

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