Best Body Oils


Body oils are a super luxurious way to moisturize your body and are perfect for the upcoming change in season. Slathered on after a shower (it's best to leave your skin a little moist to help the oil absorb), they give your skin a silky soft feeling and a flattering subtle glow.

Clarins Body Treatment Oil

This oil doesn't just moisturize and smell divine, it also helps to reduce stretch marks, tighten and firm skin and reduces fine lines.

2 Avène Body Oil

This soothing oil is rich in vitamins A and E and really nourishes your skin whilst leaving it super soft. You can almost feel your skin drinking it in and the soft floral scent is gorgeous!

Neutrogena Body Oil

This classic body oil is a lot more affordable than other brands out there, and works hard to deeply moisturize areas that always seem dry. We like to concentrate it on elbows, ankles and knees and especially shoulders and legs (are you as obsessed with shiny shoulders as us?).

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