The Best Liquid Bronzers for Summer


Beauties, are you looking for a perfect summer glow? Powders can clog up your skin and melt off your face in summer meaning you have to reapply or add too much product. Liquid bronzers give a dewier, fresher appearance (just what you want!) and blend into the skin, so are likely to last longer. Here are our top three for face and body.

Inglot AMC Face & Body Bronzer

This easy-to-apply, non-streaky lotion is quite dark, so a little goes a long way. For a warm glow over your entire face, mix a tiny amount (about a pea-sized pump) with your moisturizer or foundation. This way your glow will seem to come from within.

NARS Laguna Illuminator

This golden bronze highlighter not only gives you a sun-kissed glow but also contains antioxidants like polar berries and Indian frankincense. As with all liquid face bronzers, apply a tiny amount with a blush brush. You'll be surprised, but the brush ensures that the color blends perfectly with your skin and is less messy than applying with your fingers.

Victoria's Secret Tan Enhancing Shimmer Lotion

This bronzing lotion can be applied all over your body to give your skin a flattering glow in one step (you don't need to apply a moisturizer first like you do with some body bronzers). The lightweight formula contains just a hint of shimmer (you won't see any sparkles, we promise!, so you get a subtle sheen that makes your legs look super long—just like an Angel's!

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