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  • Natural Bug Repellants That Really Work
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    Natural Bug Repellants That Really Work

    Getting sick of mosquitoes? Use one of these eco-friendly bug repellant sprays to keep those pesky suckers away and your legs bite-free.

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  • Stay Dry This Summer: Top 3 Anti-Perspirants/Deodorants

    Stay Dry This Summer: Top 3 Anti-Perspirants/Deodorants

    The last thing you want in summer is to sweat. Here are Beautylish's top 3 picks of deodorants and anti-perspirants that will get you through the long hot days.

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  • Have You Ever Tried Solid Perfume?

    Have You Ever Tried Solid Perfume?

    Solid perfumes are a beautiful way to enjoy your favorite scents and can be easily stashed in your handbag. Here are our top three for summer.

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  • Which Face Spray Is Right For You?
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    Which Face Spray Is Right For You?

    Ever wonder what makes a refresher, setting, and finishing spray so different? Keep reading for our quick breakdown and see which one (or more) is right for you!

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  • Summer Beauty Must-Have: Hair Oils
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    Summer Beauty Must-Have: Hair Oils

    Your hair takes a beating every summer. From the hot sun’s damaging UV rays to drying sea salt and chlorine, everything wonderful about the season is bad for your hair. That’s why summer’s a good time to try out hair oil, a styling and treatment in one that will leave your hair shiny, silky, and soft. Keep reading for pro tips on how to use hair oil without leaving your hair greasy.

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  • Are you sure your skin is clean before bed?

    Are you sure your skin is clean before bed?

    Have you ever woken up with a dark smudge on your pillow? See why two-step, or double cleansing, is a great way to ensure your face is completely bare for bed.

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  • Safe Brazilian Blowout Alternatives
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    Safe Brazilian Blowout Alternatives

    With all the controversy surrounding Brazilian Blowout keratin treatments, Beautylish decided to research safe, formaldehyde-free hair smoothing alternatives. Keep reading to find out more about Beautylish's Top 3 Brazilian Blowout alternatives.

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  • What is Argan Oil?
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    What is Argan Oil?

    From the cult favorite hair product Moroccan Oil to Josie Maran's must-have makeup, Argan Oil is the latest natural cure-all ingredient that's appearing in every beauty product right now. But what exactly is this golden elixir?

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  • Why Your Hair Needs Primer Too!
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    Why Your Hair Needs Primer Too!

    Did you think that primer was only for your face? Think again. During our last blowout at the Ric Pipino salon (a SoHo staple), we chatted with stylist Donna Wagner about why hair primers are an underrated staple in your hair routine and which 3 hair primers we love!

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  • How To Beauty: Scalp Facial
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    How To Beauty: Scalp Facial

    For beautiful, healthy hair, you need to get the root of hair problems: the scalp. A simple, easy scalp facial can help treat problems such as dandruff, scalp acne, hair thinning, and itchiness, while adding volume and shine to your hairstyle.

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  • 3 Products You Need from the Health Food Store
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    3 Products You Need from the Health Food Store 

    Think the market is just for fruit, veggies, and food? Think again! Click to learn about three must-have beauty products available right from your local health-food store.

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  • Glitter Grabbers: The Best Application Tools to Apply Sparkle
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    Glitter Grabbers: The Best Application Tools to Apply Sparkle

    We just gave you the breakdown on glitter makeup yesterday—now it's time to show you our favorite tools and techniques for a long lasting, sparkly eye! Keep reading for our top 3 picks for making sure your glitter stays put.

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  • Refresh & Clean Your Hair Without Water
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    Refresh & Clean Your Hair Without Water

    If you want to shorten your morning hair routine, give a spritz or puff of dry shampoo on your roots to absorb oil and refresh your hair. Here are our top 3 favorite dry shampoos to help you pull off this day-after look.

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  • Bright Lips for Women of Color
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    Bright Lips for Women of Color

    Bright lips are a hot spring makeup trend, but if you’re a woman of color, which shades are best for you? Beautylish shares the best bold lipsticks for darker complexions.

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  • Orange Lips For Spring

    Orange Lips For Spring

    Orange lips are hot this season, spotted on the Spring fashion runways and young starlets of Hollywood. To instantly Spring-a-lish your makeup this season, add a boost of orange to your lips for a juicy burst of color.

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  • Cover Acne & Blemishes With The Right Brushes

    Cover Acne & Blemishes With The Right Brushes

    When covering acne and blemishes, having the right makeup brush is just as important as choosing the right concealer. Brushes can get into the nooks and crannies of trouble spots, since the bristles can maneuver themselves easily into the crevices. Here are our top 3 picks of makeup brushes that can help cover your acne spots and blemishes!

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  • Brighten Up Your Hair Color

    Brighten Up Your Hair Color

    If your highlights are looking dull, drab or discolored (perhaps a slight orange or green tinge?), your tap water may be to blame. But don’t worry, there’s an easy fix to brighten up your hair color. Whether you’re a blond or just have highlights, here’s how to keep your hair as shiny as Amanda Seyfried’s.

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  • Natural Looking Sunscreen

    Natural Looking Sunscreen

    Wearing sunscreen (even on cloudy days) is an anti-aging must, but we know that the white cast it gives your skin is a major turn-off. Sure, you can apply a full face of foundation on top, but if you're looking for a more natural look, here are Beautylish's recommendations for how to avoid that pasty, sunscreen pallor.

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  • Fight Keratosis Pilaris
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    Fight Keratosis Pilaris

    Hve you ever wondered what those little bumps on the back of your arms are? Keep reading for more details on Keratosis Pilaris and how you can treat them from New York City dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf.

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  • Beat the Cold with Multi-Tasking Moisturizing Makeup

    Beat the Cold with Multi-Tasking Moisturizing Makeup

    The calendar may say March, but with the cold weather still here, it's no wonder that our skin feels so drab and dull. Keep reading for three moisturizing, do-it-all products every dry-skinned makeup junkie needs to have in their collection.

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