De-Clutter Your Makeup Products!


It’s common knowledge that women tend to have handbags that are filled to the brim with "necessities." These everyday essentials can get awfully heavy, especially if you carry your favorite makeup products everywhere. Sure, your makeup bag or collection can never be too full, but it can start to look a little messy and out of control. Save room with two-in-one products and trios that won’t weigh you down. 

1 Date Night Touch Up Two-fer

It’s hard not to be nervous when you’re going out on a date. Carrying a perfume may come in handy when you’re around your sweetheart, but don’t forget your lip gloss too. Save room in your clutch with Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Parfum Rollerball & Lipgloss. This two-in-one has a light fragrance on one end, and a soft pink lip gloss on the other. It’s the perfect size for tiny bags and only $25!

2 All-In-One Primer Package

Creating a clean and tidy environment for guests is important, but don’t forget about your personal makeup collection. Someone is bound to take a wrong turn to the bathroom and wind up finding your stash of face, eye, and lip primers scattered around. Primer is essential to any makeup look, so try the Laura Geller Spackle Trio. It includes all three primers (face, eyes and lips) in a compact case to help remove messy clutter from your personal kit.

3 Makeup Bag In A Palette

When you’re running late, it’s common to throw everything into your makeup bag and do your entire look on the way to school or work. It can get pretty heavy when you're trying to stuff everything into a small bag. Bobbi Brown is there to save the day with her Beauty Rules Face Palette. This palette has four eye shadows, two cheek colors, one lip balm, two lip glosses, and an eye liner in a travel-friendly, mirrored case. Forget the makeup bag, when space is limited, all you need is this one small palette!

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