Top 3 Fast-Drying Topcoats


The holiday season is a busy time of year. With all the parties, traveling, and shopping, fitting in time for a fresh mani can be difficult—especially since waiting for your nails to dry can take an hour or more! Because your favorite festive hue may not come in a fast-drying formula, we rounded up our Top 3 picks in topcoats that harden in a flash.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat

Seche's formula will be dry to the touch within one minute—seriously! So you can finish up your hair and makeup without worrying about smudging or smearing. The whole nail—from base to top—will be completely hardened in about 30 minutes. But the best part? The high-gloss finish will leave your nails truly shiny.

Sally Hansen Dries Instantly 30-Second Topcoat

For the smoothest, sleekest application, Sally Hansen's thin formula doesn't bubble or goop up and will spread evenly over each nail with one drop. Although it actually takes two minutes to dry to the touch and around 40 minutes to be completely hardened, the product won't chip. Keep a bottle at your desk to refresh your mani every few days and make it last longer.

Essie Good to Go! Fastest Drying Topcoat

Many quick-drying topcoats can have a strong odor, but Essie's formula is the least potent of all the ones we tested. The layer takes a little more than two minutes to dry and 45 to completely harden, but it won't chip or ripple if you are typing at your desk, washing your hands, or snagging something out of your bag in the interim.

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