Editorial: Photo Call

  • Graffiti Gorgeous

    Graffiti Gorgeous

    When did street art get so haute? See the best splattered, sprayed, and shaded face art—it’s graffiti-inspired makeup!

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  • Power Pouts!

    Power Pouts!

    Mu-wah! Forget lip tattoos, these Beauties are creating hand-crafted masterpieces on their mouths with eye-popping pigments. Keep reading to check out the jaw-dropping lip effects.

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  • Easter Manicures!

    Easter Manicures!

    Happy Easter! Keep reading to see how these Beauties are celebrating the spring holiday with festive fingertips.

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  • Darling Daisies!

    Darling Daisies!

    Roses and red, violets are blue, daises are perfect in every Spring hue! Check out how these Beauties are turning their fingertips into blooming bouquets of the cheerful flowers.

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  • Inspiration: Old-Hollywood Beauty

    Inspiration: Old-Hollywood Beauty 

    We love a timeless look, especially when it’s been given a modern twist. Check out how these Beauties take classic beauty influence and make them their own.

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  • Blue Streak

    Blue Streak

    Looking for a pop of color but don't want to rock colored hair or neon nails? Try lining your lower lashes with a streak of vibrant blue! We look to three Beauties for some inspiration.

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  • Hello, Yellow!

    Hello, Yellow!

    Here comes the sun! From citron to mustard, Beauties are brightening up their lids with a splash of the warm color. Check out some inspiring ways to add the cheery tint to your look.

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  • Video Game Manicures!

    Video Game Manicures!

    Geek is the new chic! From a vintage Nintendo hero to a trendy app creature, classic video game characters are inspiring the latest collection of nerdy nails.

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  • Shamrock-ed Eyes!

    Shamrock-ed Eyes!

    Leprechauns, clovers, and pots of gold abound on March 17th, but we're totally stoked about the makeup! Try our favorite St. Patty's day eye looks and you're guaranteed a pinch-proof celebration.

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  • How to Update your French Mani!

    How to Update your French Mani! 

    White tips are out! Nowadays it’s all about adorning your nail ends with bright prints, detailed designs, and unique shapes. Keep reading to discover how Beauties are modernizing the French manicure.

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  • Water-Colored Nails

    Water-Colored Nails

    The transparent yet vibrant effect of watercolor is stunning on canvas, and our community taking the technique to their tips! See our favorite watercolor manicure masterpieces—no aqua required!

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  • Colors of the Rainbow

    Colors of the Rainbow

    Not brave enough to try rainbow eyes but still love bright colors? Keep reading for some stunning examples of how you can embrace a vibrant peeper this spring.

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  • Think Pink!

    Think Pink!

    Ready for a rosy makeover? See how our inspiring members wear every shade of pink!

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  • Down on the Farm!

    Down on the Farm!

    Cows, and pigs, and chicks, oh my! Keep reading to see how adorable barnyard animals inspire the latest flock of nail designs.

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  • Cupcake Nails!

    Cupcake Nails!

    Got a sweet tooth? Indulge in a delicious manicure that's guilt-free! Keep reading to see how Beauties are frosting their fingertips with this delectable dessert.

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  • Double-Winged Eye Liner

    Double-Winged Eye Liner

    Twice as nice! Keep reading to discover how Beauties are adding double-edged flair to the classic cat eye.

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  • The 4 Elements of Beauty

    The 4 Elements of Beauty

    The celestial forces of fire, water, air, and earth have certainly influenced artists throughout history, and makeup design is no exception. Check out these element-inspired beauty looks, brought to you by the Beautylish community.

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  • Flower Power

    Flower Power

    Excited for the blossoming flowers and sunshine that spring will bring? Keep reading for a preview of the latest floral beauty products and makeup combinations.

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  • Spring Trend: Tantalizing Teal

    Spring Trend: Tantalizing Teal

    From nails to eyes, teal is a color that looks great on all Beauties! A refreshing change from navy or baby blue, we love the ocean-inspired hue for day and night. Keep reading to see how you can introduce this uplifting shade into your makeup routine.

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  • Inspiration: Heart Lips
    • 203

    Inspiration: Heart Lips

    Want to add a really special effect to your look for Valentine's Day? Try a heart-shaped smile! Keep reading to discover inspiring ways enhance your cupid's bow and bring a little oh-la-la to this February 14th.

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