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Editorial: Photo Call

  • Beautiful Braids
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    Beautiful Braids

    Almost everyone loves a braid, and they're very popular right now. Celebrities wear them, salons have introduced braid bars, and Beautylish even had a Wella braid bar at The Beauty Social! If you think doing a braid yourself is too tricky, think again! These three Beauties will show you just how easy it is.

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  • Alice in Wonderland Halloween Makeup

    Alice in Wonderland Halloween Makeup

    Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" was not only a wonderful movie but also provided plenty of inspiration for Halloween looks! This year, why not dress up as the Red Queen, Mad Hatter, or a Cheshire Cat?

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  • Celebrity Inspired Smoky Eyes

    Celebrity Inspired Smoky Eyes

    Sometimes nothing works better than a smoky eye. Kim Kardashian is known for dark smoldering eyes with plenty of lashes (a look that has set a new standard for everyday beauty), Mila Kunis brings a quiet sexiness with muted smoky eyes, and Keira Knightley loves to show off her dark brown peepers with smoky lined eyes.

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  • Glitter Makeup Looks

    Glitter Makeup Looks

    Glitter gives your eyes that extra dazzle that completes a makeup look. Whether you wear neutral shades or dramatic bright hues, a bit of sparkle will take your everyday makeup to a new level. Find out how these Beauties add specks of shimmery color to their lids!

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  • Get That Hair Out of Your Face!
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    Get That Hair Out of Your Face!

    Do you have days when you really just want your hair out of the way? These ladies have cute and stylish ‘dos that are functional and fashionable at the same time. Keep watching to see how to create these looks!

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  • Animal Print Nails

    Animal Print Nails

    Searching for a funky way to spice up your manicure? Animal print is hot this fall and is a great way to add some drama to your nails. These Beautylish Beauties have techniques for adding that animal instinct to your style. Keep watching to get these looks!

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  • Artistic Eye Liner Techniques

    Artistic Eye Liner Techniques

    Sweeping a beautiful graphic line onto your lids can be a great way to dress up a makeup look. These Beautylish Beauties use eye liner in an artistic way that will make you want to pull out a paintbrush and use your eyes as a canvas. Keep watching to learn how to create these lovely lines!

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  • Dazzling Gemstone Eyes
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    Dazzling Gemstone Eyes

    Emeralds, sapphires, and amethysts are not just big for color-blocking in fashion this fall, but great for eye makeup too!.

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  • Hairstyling Tips for Short Hair
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    Hairstyling Tips for Short Hair

    Many people don't realize how versatile short hair can be. From funky to formal and pixie to bob, these Beauties know how to get their short tresses looking fabulous. Keep watching to see three great looks!

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  • Makeup for Green Eyes

    Makeup for Green Eyes

    Deep emerald and light jade irises are exotic and dazzling. Several colors can enhance those beautiful eyes and make them sparkle. Whether you opt for a bold crimson lip or a rich violet smoky eye, these Beautylish Beauties can teach you how to make other women green with envy!

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  • Makeup for Hazel Eyes

    Makeup for Hazel Eyes

    Hazel-eyed Beauties have all the luck! Each version of this pretty color is unique, with hues ranging from warmer to cool greens and browns. With such gorgeous eyes, you should play with different colors to create an attention-grabbing makeup look that's yours alone. Check out how to achieve these beautiful effects!

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  • Lip Care for a Soft Pout

    Lip Care for a Soft Pout

    Before swiping a deep plum hue onto your pout, you should make sure your lips are in the best condition possible. Nothing’s worse than lipstick highlighting the dry, cracked skin on your mouth and that’s definitely not something you want others to see. These Beauties demonstrate how to condition your kisser so it's healthy and soft.

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  • Makeup for Brown Eyes

    Makeup for Brown Eyes

    Brown-eyed Beauties have it a little easier when it comes to picking colors to wear on their eyes. Many colors are flattering on them, and we have three looks that will bring out that gorgeous deep color. Keep watching to learn how to re-create them!

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  • Makeup For Blue Eyes

    Makeup For Blue Eyes

    Attention all blue-eyed Beauties! Did you know that several makeup colors can bring out your baby blues? Check out these eye-opening makeup techniques—they're guaranteed to make those gorgeous peepers sparkle. Keep watching to see more!

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  • Big Sexy Hair

    Big Sexy Hair

    Do you ever look through the Victoria's Secret catalog and long for a big, sexy mane? You can go from flat and lackluster to full and sexy hair in a couple of easy steps. Whether you try a no-heat method to using hot tools, you can create this bombshell 'do that will drive guys wild.

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  • Natural Makeup for the Girl on the Go

    Natural Makeup for the Girl on the Go

    Deciding what to wear on your eyes each morning is easy with these fresh-faced looks! Keep watching to see our Beauties give us that natural glow we need to get through the workday.

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  • The Perfect Red Lip

    The Perfect Red Lip

    Bold red lip inspiration from our community members.

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  • Sexy Updos

    Sexy Updos

    Getting ready for a night out on the town and need some hair inspiration? Rihanna's sexy loose updo is great for looking hot and staying cool as you dance till dawn. Check out these tutorials for stunning updos that will leave you fuss-free on the dance floor!

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  • Money-Saving Makeup Advice

    Money-Saving Makeup Advice

    Don't throw that out! These videos show you how to get the most out of your expensive makeup, from repairing and reusing broken shadows and lipsticks to creating your own tinted moisturizer from products you already have.

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  • How To: Cut a Crease
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    How To: Cut a Crease

    Dramatic looks are harder to pull off if you're not familiar with the techniques used to create them. Kim Kardashian often uses a cut-crease technique to open her eyes and make them pop (much like she did on her wedding day)! We take this eye look and make it easier for you to re-create. Keep watching to learn how to add that extra definition to your eye makeup.

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