Think Pink!

Why is pink always an It color? Because there’s always a punchy, pretty, and powerful shade made for everyone. Whether you’re into softer pastels or fuchsia shades such as our very own Beautylish pink (a lovely Pantone Ruby Red C), see how our community wears every tint and shade of the hue.

Get tea party pretty! When paired with a strand of pearls, these milky pastels add a girlie yet elegant flourish to any look. Wear a shimmering petal pink on the lids like Meredith J. (bottom, right), or stick with a simple creamy manicure like Zoe F.’s Pepto-pink tips (center, top).

A splash of peach freshens your standard shade of bubblegum pink. Coral is one of the most universally flattering shades and is quintessential to your spring makeup wardrobe. Add temporary coral highlights to your mane, take the blushing hue to your eyes, or add fun patterned spots to your manicure like Viola H (center, top)!

Meet fuchsia—pink’s older and slightly sexier sister. The dynamo shade packs an electric punch with little effort—on the lips, eyes, cheeks, or nails. We’re loving the bold examples—we can’t wait to try Quinn M.’s lacquered lip color (center, top)!

Purpley-pink tinted magenta gives neutral-to-cool coloring an energetic burst of color. And the hue is just as gorgeous on the eyes and lips as it is the hair—how amazing is Arabelle S.’s magenta mane (right)? This pink was designed for the edgy in mind.

How hot can you get before the end of the spectrum? Pinkish red adds a sexy flush of color to even the fairest of skin tones. We prefer the watermelon shade as a sheer stain on the cheeks or lips, but try experimenting with texture and tint to see how you wear the color best. And for brighter occasions, the cheery pink-red color works all over the face—check out Sara A.’s monochromatic scarlet palette (bottom, left)!

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