How to Update your French Mani! 


White tips are out! Now-a-days it’s all about adorning your nail ends with bright prints, detailed designs, and unique shapes. Keep reading to discover how Beauties are modernizing the French manicure.

Photo: Yeko Photo Studio/

Shape up! Amy S.Maryam M., and Claudia C (Clockwise, starting from top left). created triangles on the sides of their nail plate rather than painting on the traditional straight line. This zigzag frame gave the fingertips the illusion of a pointier nail.

For an easy-to-create twist on the classic look, Samantha B. swooped several stripes diagonally across her tips. Marcela F. (below) and Holly Ann T. (top left) used the asymmetrical technique and also played with texture, combining rough glitter with slick black lacquer.  

Want to really step up your French mani education? Try these advanced-level nails! Nicole M. included the ocean in her beach scene by painting a stripe of blue on the tip, while Kristen Glitta Gloves P. created these sparkling lightning tips. And instead of filling her entire nail with the a panda, Kitty C. opted to adorn just her tips with the adorable bear’s face!

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